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17th Texas County Championships

This was a great tournament. After all it was the 17th Annual. Lots of Thank You's to go out.

Of course to Delane Moore and his tournament helpers Becky Leier, Angie & Doug Paben for running an outstanding tournament, keeping it running on schedule.

 To ALL of the people that carried in SO MUCH FOOD ranging from Thursday night hot dogs and frito chili pies along with Spaghetti & meatballs and all the other finger foods, to  Friday the best soup you ever ate in your life with, all sorts of stuff to go with it such as ham, potato salad, chef salad brown beans,and to much more to mention, then topping it off on Saturday, with  nothing else you would want on a St. Pats week-end other than CORNED BEEF & CABBAGE,,,,, oh & don't forget about those deserts that was there all week-end

thanks to all  that chipped in to help make that & everything else an unforgettable tournament, and making plans already for the 18th Annual next March.

The 17th Annual Texas County Championship began March 12th-14th.
Thursday evening starting with an A/B  draw, which consisted of 14 teams.

1st place going to Scott Manier & Scott Townley (pic # 3030) standing center is sponsor Roger Ellison
2nd Place Tyler Sparks & Barb Head (pic # 3026)
3rd Place Brian Odle & Rick Pittman (pic # 3025) standing center Jerry Romay
4th Place Gary Hagerty & Melissa Dunn (pic # 3022)
Friday's event was the bring partner with 2 divisions. There were 15 teams in Division 1.
Coming out on top in Division 1 were

1st Place Bobby Duer of Kansas City & John Boyer of St. Louis (pic#3045)
2nd Place Gary Hagerty of Kansas City & Mayoma Townley of Houston (pic # 3070)
3rd Randy (Cotton) Walker & Justin Sparks both of Houston (pic# 3068) standing right is sponsor Ryan Munson
4th Mark Gray of Kansas City & Craig (Doc) Bendickson of Stockton (pic #3066) sponsor Jerry Romay (center)
Coming out on top out of 10 teams in Division 2 were

1st Place Janice Hagerty of Kansas City & Gene Smith of Houston (pic #3063)
2nd Place Mike Hock & Rob Grmeander both of Houston (pic #3061)
3rd Place Keitha Ellison of Springfield & Rhonda Muehlhauser of St. Louis (pic #3060) standing center is Larry Romay
Starting Saturday afternoon immediately following the bring partner tournament was the singles tournament with 21 people signing up to take the Championship. Coming out on top were

1st Place our local guy Scott Townley (pic #3116)
2nd Place the KC Kid Mark Gray of Kansas City (pic #3115)
3rd Place Randy (Cotton) Walker of Houston (pic #3114)
4th Place Justin Sparks of Houston
5th & 6th Place going to Gary Ferrou & Doug Paben

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