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KCShootout April 2009 Flyer
4 Person Draft
24 Teams X 4 = 96 Players | PDF of Teams with Ratings
1st Bobby Voorhis (WB)
Steve Taylor
Chet Seybert
Jim Moore
2nd David Williams Sr
Obie Pierce
Dee Gibson
Terry Russell
3rd Bill Melton
Roger Holloway
Megan Bolla
Jerry Beard
4th Marty Shepard
Charlie Riley
Jim Filkins
Larry Creakbaum
5th/6th Larry Brown
Mary Brown
Ann Harrell
Tom White
5th/6th Linda Nobles
Deb Voorhis
Julie Hartman
Jane Seybert
Updated Wednesday, April 1, 2009 10:09 PM

48 Teams X 2 = 96 Players | PDF of Teams with Ratings
1st Dave Dickerson Jr & Kevin Shafer 2nd Ron Sosovec & Ron Girard (WB) 3rd Diana Hagen & Cory Humlicek
4th Larry Zahm & Becky Foster 5th/6th Harvey Walden & Don Roper 5th/6th Mike Taylor & Sam Witt
Doc Bendickson & John Boyer
JWC & Bobby Duer
Bob Perry & Loren Jorgensen
Joe Spielman & Janice Hagerty
Dan Olberding & Garry Ferrou
Mike Rapp & Pam Dowell
1st David Williams Jr 2nd Mike Taylor (WB) 3rd Kenny Hudson
4th Bobby Voorhis 5th/6th Dave Shewbridge 5th/6th Joe Spielman
Ron Sosovec
Bob Perry
Phil Railbeck
Mark Gray
Charlie Riley
Ron Campbell Jr.
1st Tim Freerking (Nebraska) 2nd Becky Foster (WB) 3rd Barb Head
4th Justin Sparks 5th/6th Cid Floriani 5th/6th Amy Humlicek
Candy Lepore
John Boyer
Chuck Chacra
Ron Girard
Haskell James
Cindy Demory

48 Teams X 2 = 96 | PDF of Players with Ratings
1st Ron Campbell & Tim Freerking 2nd David Williams Jr & Shane Hagen 3rd Terry Yingst & Charlie Riley
4th Billy Mays & Tom McBurnett 5th/6th Linda Nobles & Alex Bagdikian 5th/6th Gary Ferrou & John Boyer
Bill Melton & Roger Holloway
Dave Boaz & Larry Brown
Roger Ellison & Gary Hagerty
Dave Dickerson Jr & Kevin Shafer
Mark Gray & ET Jenson
Ron Campbell Jr & Jason Olberding

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