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October 8-10, 2009
Updated Friday, October 16, 2009 9:07 PM

A big THANK YOU to the Elks Lodge for all the great food, & hospitality. On Thursday night they had beans and ham with cornbread then on Friday night they served up there famous open-faced roast beef with mashed potatoes, then on Saturday they served Ribs, & cheesy cabbage, with all nights having desserts. And if that didn't satisfy you,  the great kitchen help had a menu you could order from, Every morning breakfast was available....So no-one should have left hungry...

ABC Draft - 15 Teams

1st Alan Foster of Kansas City, John Boyer of St. Louis, & new player Chad Mason of Kansas City

2nd Charlie Riley of Houston, Johnny Wright of Kansas City, & Gary Johnson of Stockton.

3rd Sandy Tubbs, Alben McDonald & Ian Via all of Kansas City

4th Jim Payne of Stockton, Roger Ellison of Springfield, and Bethany Rohr of Houston

Division I - Singles 15 Players Division II - Singles - 14 Players

1st Mark Gray of Kansas City

2nd John Boyer of St. Louis

3rd Chuck Muehlhauser of St. Louis

4th Doc Bendickson of Springfield

1st going to Terry Russell of Kansas City

2nd Ian Via of Kansas City

3rd Danny Stevens of Kansas City

4th Denny Cundiff of Stockton

Division I - Bring Partner 11 Teams

1st Barb Head & Gary Ferrou both of Houston

2nd Jim Payne of Stockton & Jeff Blanchett of Kansas City

3rd Randy Walker & Justin Sparks both of Houston

Division II - Bring Partner11 Teams

1st Danny Stevens & Terry Russell both of Kansas City standing in center is sponsor Glen Tubbs

2nd Anthony Russell of Kansas City & Gary Johnson of Stockton in center is sponsor Jeff Blanchett

3rd Barbie Gray of Kansas City & Keitha Ellison of Springfield in center is sponsor Glen Tubbs


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