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9th Annual "Ladies Only" Tournament
Eagles Lodge #3911 Houston, MO
August 15-16, 2008
Thursday, August 21, 2008 5:04 PM

6th Annual Ladies Only 2005 | 7th Annual Ladies Only 2006 | 8th Annual Ladies Only 2007

The Ladies event kicked off Friday evening with a get to know the ladies draw tournament. Ladies traveled from Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Florida, St. Louis, Kansas City & Springfield,, & surrounding area of Houston.. Their were 13 teams, coming out  on top were 1st Place Jett Williamson & Melissa Dunn, 2nd Place Jolene Lembke, & Mandy Townley, 3rd.Place going to Angie Paben & Charlotte Bowen. The auxilery kept us well fed with all the goodies they are so well known of.

Then came the main event, with the Bring Your Own Partner, which also held 12 teams. Coming out on top were 1st Place Melissa Dunn,& Julie Hartman, 2nd Place Barb Head & Sandy Tubbs, 3rd Place Keitha Ellison & Janice Hagerty....A BIG thank you to the men for feeding us them grilled hamburgers & hot dogs, with all the trimmings to go with...

Friday nite draw winners went to
1st Place Jett Williamson of Oklahom &  Melissa Dunn of Houston Missouri
2nd Place Jolene Lembke of Springfield Missouri & Mandy Townley of Houston Missouri
3rd Place Angie Paben of Florida & Charlotte Bowen of Arkansas

The bring your own partner on Saturday winners are
1st Place Melissa Dunn & Julie Hartman both of Houston Missouri
2nd Place Sandy Tubbs of Kansas City & Barb Head of Houston center is sponsor Marilyn Mason
3rd Place Keitha Ellison of Springfield Missouri & Janice Hagerty of Bonner Springs Kansas with Matt Coonts sponsor

Open Draw Bring Partner
1st - Jett Williamson & Melissa Dunn
1st - Melissa Dunn & Julie Hartman
2nd - Jolene Lembke & Mandy Townley

2nd - Sandy Tubbs & Barb Head/Sponsor Marilyn Mason

3rd - Angie Paben & Charlotte Bowen

Keitha Ellison of Springfield Missouri & Janice Hagerty of Bonner Springs Kansas with Matt Coonts sponsor center


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