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October 10-11,2008
Updated Friday, October 16, 2009 11:27 PM
ABC Draft - 17 Teams

1st Neal Stumbo of Springfield, Mark Gray of Kansas City & Leon Sartain of Stockton 
2nd Marilyn Mason of Kansas City, Chuck Muehlhauser of St. Louis & Verene Noel  of Kansas City
3rd Larry Hearn of Kansas City, Barb Head of Houston, & Gary Ferrou of Kansas City

Division I - Singles 17 Players Division II - Singles - 17 Players

1st Mark Gray of Kansas City

2nd Randy (Cotton Walker) of Houston

3rd Bobby Duer of Kansas City

4th Barb Head of Houston

1st Willie Walker of Houston

2nd Sam Witt of Kansas City

3rd Neal Stumbo of Springfield

4th Matt Coonts of Houston

Division III - Singles 9 Players

1st Bethany Rohr

2nd Mike White

3rd Arlene Riekkoff  of Springfield

Division I - Bring Partner 11 Teams

1st Gary Ferrou of Kansas City & Dean Pinkston of Houston

2nd Jerry Romay of St. Louis & Steve Taylor of Kansas City

3rd Sandy Tubbs & Mark Gray

Division II - Bring Partner9 Teams

1st Willie Walker & Justin Sparks both of Houston

2nd Gary Johnson of Stockton & Anthony Russell of Kansas City

3rd Neal Stumbo & Charlie Detterbeck both of Springfield

Division III - Bring Partner 7 Teams

1st Leon Sartain & Sheila Cudliff both of Stockton

2nd Larry Hearn & Jim Moore both of Kansas City

3rd Ginny Moore  & Bessie Russell both of Kansas City


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