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January 26-28, 2006 Results & Photos by Charles Riley and Mark Gray
Grandview-Hickman Mills Elks Lodge Grandview, MO
Sunday February 5, 2006 10:10 PM

The 5th Annual Kansas City Shoot Out tournament, hosted at the Grandview-Hickman Elks Lodge on January 26-28, 2006 was a well attended success. Players flocked in from all over the country (AR, CA, CO, MD, MO, NE, OK, TX, etc.) with 96 registered players throughout the week (making it the largest KC Shoot Out to-date)!

Thursday evening we kicked off the tournament with an AB Draw (handicap) which finished up on Friday and when the smoke cleared a great shooting performance by Hoot Hodge & Gary Ferrou won them 1st place honors; 2nd place team was Candy Baker & Kim Campbell; 3rd place honors went to Robert Hoffman & Drew Willingham;4th place Barbara Head & Jack Davis; and 5th/6th place tie went to the teams of Tom White & E.T. Jensen and Justin Bendickson & Marty Shepard.

A/B Handicapped Draw Partner
1st Hoot Hodge & Gary Ferrou 2nd Candy Baker & Kim Campbell
3rd Robert Hoffman & Drew Willingham 4th Barbara Head & Jack Davis
5th/6th Tom White & E.T. Jensen 5th/6th Justin Bendickson & Marty Shepard

Next, it was on to the main event Bring Partner (handicap) where there were 42 total teams and when things finally lined out... 1st place place honors went to the father/daughter team of Ron & Kim Campbell; 2nd place went to Mark Gray & Jeff Blanchet (For the third year straight, by the way!); 3rd place went to Joe Speilman & Ron Campbell Jr; 4th place Robert Hoffman & Bobby Williams; 5th/6th place tie went to the teams Glen Tubbs & Lorraine Olson and Dave Shewbridge & Bobby Voorhis; and 7th/8th place tie went to the teams of Carol Pittman & Mick Moran and Jeri Williams & Justin Bendickson.

Handicapped Bring Partner - 42
1st Ron & Kim Campbell 2nd Mark Gray & Jeff Blanchet
3rd Joe Speilman & Ron Campbell Jr 4th Robert Hoffman & Bobby Williams
5th/6th Glen Tubbs & Lorraine Olson 5th/6th Dave Shewbridge & Bobby Voorhis
7th/8th Carol Pittman & Mick Moran 7th/8th Jeri Williams & Justin Bendickson

The next event was two divisions of Singles (Handicap). Division I Singles had 16 teams. Bobby Williams took 1st place honors & his wife Jeri Williams took 2nd place; 3rd place went to Jim Payne; and 4th place went to Ron Sosovec. Division II Singles had 35 teams. Ron Campbell Jr took 1st place honors; 2nd place Steve Taylor; 3rd place Mike Coon; 4th place Mike Smith; 5th/6th tie Bobby Duer and Robert Hoffman; and 7th/8th place tie Milford Parker and Sam Witt.

Division I Handicapped Singles - 16
1st Bobby Williams 2nd Jeri Williams
3rd Jim Payne 4th Ron Sosovec

Division II Handicapped Singles - 35
1st Ron Campbell Jr 2nd Steve Taylor
3rd Mike Coon 4th Mike Smith
5th/6th Bobby Duer 5th/6th Robert Hoffman
7th/8th Milford Parker 7th/8th Sam Witt

Kim Campbell was this years MVP by placing 2nd in the AB Draw and 1st in the Bring Partner -- she received a custom board wipe (made by our own Glen Tubbs) which was signed by all the players at the tournament. WOW what a way to start out!!!

MVP - Kim Campbell
Director Glen Tubbs - MVP Kim Campbell - Director Mark Gray

We would like to send out a special thank you to Carol Tyler for taking care of registration and all the money. We couldn’t have done it without you Carol!

The only thing we might change for next year is maybe try to run a 2 out of 3 in the Division I Singles (providing providing we can come up with a few more boards and possibly getting started sooner so we don’t tire everybody out).

Many thanks to all the volunteers, staff, and tournament attendees and hope to see you all again next year!

-- Mark Gray & Glen Tubbs

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