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Waddell & Reed/Eagles Eagles Lodge 3934
Missouri State Players Association
Springfield, Missouri

Fall Draw & Connie McCall
Missouri Hall-of-Fame Induction

Reported by Keitha Ellison - Pictures emailed by Charlie Riley
For Missouri State Players Association, nine is a lucky number. Sept 9th, the 9th inductee into Missouri Hall of Fame, Connie McCall, requested a "Fall Draw" with friends. 30 players gathered to make 15 teams in a two division blind draw to help celebrate with Connie, the first female Hall of Famer. With 4 tables now at Queen City Eagles #3934, the first draw finished Friday night with the following winners:

Div I: 1st Dean Pinkston, Keitha Ellison
2nd Charlie Riley, Mayoma Townly
3rd Jon Wallace, Craig Bendickson

Div II 1st Gary Sevey, Pam Bendickson
2nd Carol Longwell, Joam Sevey
3rd Steve Earp, Bill Green

Time permitted a 2nd blind draw on Saturday and finished just before the 7:00 pm induction.

The following teammates were winners:

Div I 1st Dean Pinkston, Mayoma Townly
2nd Mark Gray, Roger Ellison
3rd Gary Hagerty, Mick Moran

DivII 1st Barbie Gray, Joan Sevey
2nd Mary Handy, Gary Johnson Sr,
3rd Becky Lier, Smokey Richards

Following Connie's induction, a great performance by Jim & Kathleen provided musical entertainment making "shuffling" on the dance floor permissible.

On a personal note, Sunday Connie was omitted into St. Johns Hospital. We all wish her a speedy recovery and want to let her and Steve know they are in our thoughts and prayers.

1st Div I Draw
Keitha Ellison & Dean Pinkston
2nd Div I Draw
Charlie Riley & Mayoma Townley
3rd Div I Draw
Jon Wallace & Craig Bendickson

Div II Draw 1st
Gary Sevey & Pam Bendickson
Div II Draw 2nd
Carol Longwell & Joan Sevey
Div II Draw 3rd
Steve Earp & Bill Green
Saturday Div I Draw 1st
Mayoma Townley & Dean Pinkston

Saturday Div I Draw 2nd
Mark Gray & Roger Ellison
Saturday Div I Draw 3rd Mick Moran, Sponsor Carol Longwell, Gary Hagerty
Saturday Div II Draw 1st
Joan Sevey & Barbie Gray
Saturday Div II Draw 2nd
Smokey Richards & Becky Leir
Saturday Div II Draw 3rd
Mary Handy & Gary Johnson Sr.

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