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Submitted by Jack Murphy

The 9th Frank Kane Memorial Shuffleboard Tournament was held recently in St. Louis, Missouri on February 24 & 25, 2006 at Ulena’s Sports Bar. This year brought the return of some out of town guests from Houston, MO and Arkansas. We would like to thank them for joining us and adding their spirit of camaraderie and competitiveness.

Taking Third Place was the team of Robert Kasza and Steve Nowack. Robert and Steve made it through to the last game of the Winner’s bracket. They were then handed their first loss and moved into the final match in the loser’s bracket. They again suffered a tough lost, but still were able to garner Third Place Honors. Congratulations to them both.

Second Place went to the tough shooting brother team of Jerry and Larry Romay. Jerry and Larry were handed an immediate upset in the first round of the tournament. They battled back up through the Loser’s bracket and arose victorious. They then went on to get pay back for the team who ousted them out of the Winner’s bracket in their first game. Jerry and Larry were then handed their second defeat, but still secured their Second Place Honors and our congratulations for their efforts.

Taking First Place was the team of Jim Dunn and Mike Simpson. Jim and Mike played well against some good competition through the opening rounds. When the dust had cleared they remained the only undefeated team in the Winner’s bracket. In their final match they faced the team they had beat in their first game of the day. Jim and Mike produced another defeat of that team and secured the championship and the honor of remaining undefeated throughout the tournament. Congratulations to Jim and Mike for their First Place Honors.

Thanks again to our out of town friends for joining us. Also thanks to Steve Nowak for all his efforts in organizing and running the tournament. Thanks to Sanna Clark for hosting this event and her assistance with the food and to Larry Romay for the pictures. Hope to see you all again next year on February 23 & 24, 2007 for the 10th Annual Frank Kane Memorial Tournament.

1st Jim Dunn, Sponsor Robert Kasza & Mike Simpson (Right)
2nd Larry Romay, Sponsor Rick Pittman and Jerry Romay (Right)
3rd Robert Kasza & Steve Nowack
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