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Updated Monday, October 23, 2006 6:14 AM
Presented by Missouri Shuffleboard Players Association Report by Mark Gray Pictures by Charlie Riley

It's not a shuffleboard tournament it's and endurance test.

On Oct 12th the 5th.annual Missouri State Championship Shuffleboard tournament kicked off with the 6 person team event. There were 11 teams total and when things finally lined out 1st place went to the undefeated team of Jerry Romay, Carol Longwell, Sam Witt, John Boyer, Neal Stumbo and Arlene Riekkoff. Second place honors went to team Jimmy Dunn, Barbara Head, Super Sam, Nell Adams, Gary Adams and Ray Wadsack. Third place went to team Mark Gray, Gary Ferrou, Barry Pipkin, Vaerlene Noel,Gary Johnson JR and Mary Handy. Some teams had to play till the wee hours of the morning tiring everyone out maybe next year we can get started earlier on Thursday .

Then it was onto singles where there were 3 divisions. Div 3 had 19 players which was a great turn out and when the smoke cleared the winner of Div 3 was Sam Witt. Second place Keitha Ellison and 3rd place Gary Johnson Sr and 4th place went to Gary Swain.

Then in div 2 a KC sweep 1st place honors went to Gary Haggerty (a brides maid no more) 2nd place to Dave Mason and 3 rd place went to Gary Ferrou. Finally in div 1 1st place honors went to Mark Gray (The 2006 Missouri State Champion) 2nd place went to Dean Pinkston, 3rd to Doc Bendickson and 4th place to Chuck Muelhauser.

Then on Saturday to cap off the tournament the next event was doubles and in div 3 1st place honors went to that fine shooting team of Terry Russell and Nell Adams 2nd place honors went to Sheila Cundiff and Amber Green 3rd place Sam Witt and Janice Haggerty.

Then in div 2 1st place went to Gary Haggerty and Dave Mason 2nd place honors went to Barbara Gray and John Boyer and 3rd place went to Mellissa Dunn and Steve Hinkle. And finally div 1 1st place went to Dean Pinkston and Scott Townley (Team event 2006 Missouri State Champions) 2nd place Chuck Muelhauser and Jeff Blanchat and 3rd place went to Mark Gray and Sandy Tubbs.

I would like to thank everyone who attended you helped make this tournament a success. A special thank you to Glen Tubbs who's hard work moving boards in and out of the lodge all too often goes unmentioned. Also Charlie Riley who spends countless hours keeping track of registrations and monies who also has been pulling double duty until recently. Keith Ellison and Glen Tubbs also did a fine job handling all the money making sure everything was counted down to the penny .I would also like to that Delaine Moore for helping with the brackets this year. What made this tournament a huge success was the amount of players who showed up in div three the most of which came from Stockton (Good job Doc)

6 Man Draft - Thrusday October 12, 2006
1st John Boyer, Carol Longwell, Sam Witt, Neal Stumbo, Arlene Rickoff & Jerry Romay (C)
2nd Ray Wadsack Gary Adams Nell Adams Super Sam Eveland Barbara Head a & Jimmy Dunn (C)
3rd Mary Handy Verlene Noel Gary Ferrou Gary Johnson Jr. Barry Pipkin & Mark Gray (C)
Division I - Singles Friday October 13, 2006 Division I - Bring Partner Saturday October 14, 2006
1st Mark Gray of Kansas City
2nd Dean Pinkston of Houston
3rd Craig (Doc) Bendickson of Stockton
4th Chuck Muehlhauser of St. Louis
1st Scott Townley & Dean Pinkston
2nd Jeff Blanchett and Chuck Muehlhauser
3rd Sandy Tubbs and Mark Gray
Division II - Singles Division II - Bring Partner
1st Gary Hagarty from Kansas City
2nd David Mason from Kansas City
3rd Gary Ferrou again from Kansas City
1st Gary Hagarty & Dave Mason
2nd John Boyer & Barbie Gray
3rd Melissa Dunn & Steve Hinkle
Division III - Singles Division III - Bring Partner
1st Sam Witt Kansas City
2nd Keitha Ellison of Springfield
3rd Gary Johnson Sr. of Stockton
4th Gary Swain of Kansas City
1st Terry Russell & Nell Adams
2nd Sheia Cundiff & Amber Green
3rd Janice Hagarty & Sam Witt

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