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October 14-15, 2005
Waddell & Reed/Eagles Eagles Lodge 3934
Springfield, Missouri
Reported by Carol Tyler
Saturday November 19, 2005 8:26 PM

Jon Wallace from Waddell-Reed hosted a shuffleboard tournament in Springfield on October 14th and 15th at the Eagles Lodge. Players were divided into two divisions and players were then matched up - the highest rated in the division playing with the lowest rated, the second highest with the second lowest, and so forth. We ended up with 15 teams. Some of our Division II players opted to play in Division I, so it made for interesting matches!

We had players from theHouston, MO area, Arkansas, Stockton, and Joplin. Of particular note was the fact that one of the 1st place winners in Division II is our youngest MSPA member - Matt Townley from Houston. This was his first tournament. He's definitely a player to watch! Jon provided free beer for all the players Friday night and the Ladies' Auxiliary had plenty of good home cooking to keep everyone happy from breakfast to dinner! Connie McCall and Steve Hinkle organized the tournament and kept things rolling along. Thanks
also to all the others who helped Jon and Waddell-Reed host this tournament!

Gary "Shooter" Johnson and Matt Townley 1st Div II
Gary Johnson and Ray Wadsack 2nd Div II
Amber Green and Sheila Cundiff, 3rd in Div II

(Matt is our youngest MSPA member - now age 15 - this was his first tournament. How's that for a beginning!?

Charlie Riley and Steve Hinkle 1st Div.l
Scott Townley and Roger Ellison 2nd Div I
John Stenger and Keitha Ellison 3rd Div I

1st Div II
Townley & Johnson
Div II 2nd
Johnson & Wadsack
Div II 3rd
Green & Cundiff

1st Division I
Charles Riley & Steve Hinkle

2nd Division I
Scott & Roger Ellison

3rd Division I
Keitha Ellison & John Stenger
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