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Michigan MDA A/B Draw
April 2, 2005
Wednesday April 13, 2005 7:43 AM
MDA camp tournament turnout exceeds expectations

MADISON HEIGHTS, Mich. — When speaking with Rob Kern as to how he decided to run a fund raising shuffleboard tournament for MDA ‘send a kid to camp’, he stated, “This (shuffleboard tournaments) is what I do”. Rob decided that rather than the usual “arrested for a day” MDA participation, he felt he could do more and invite fellow shuffleboard patrons to this AB / ABC (dependent upon how many signed up) draw tournament.

Rob Kern is a member of PLNG (Michigan Pioneers-Legends and the New Generation), an organization founded by Betty Parrish of Waterford, Michigan designed to promote recognition of players and promoters of shuffleboard; as well as giving back to the community.
Rob’s goal, teamed up with CoCo and Cindy Brown, was to raise enough money to send one kid to camp, which costs $600. Sponsor sheets were available for those wishing to help solicit contributions. Registration fee was $10, with all registration money going to MDA. Those with contributions $10 or more did not have to pay registration fees. Fifty / fifty drawings were held, as well as many wonderful door prize tickets for prizes donated; including a new five cd disc changer player donated by Betty Parrish.

Thanks to the wonderful donations and participation from the 32 players signed up, Rob’s goal was exceeded by more than 200% bringing in a grand total of $1,449. Special thanks to the top three solicitors / sponsors. Wayne Atkinson, Melinda Flynn, and host Jason Papa were all responsible for contributions each in excess of $200.

With 32 players, the decision was to have an AB draw.

Winners of the event were as follows:

First place went to the double dipping team of Jerry Bryant and Troy Henk. Second place victors were Cindy Brown and Bryan Levee. Third place went to Jason Papa and Allen Aulph, and fourth place to Alonzo Cottrell and Dave Mitchell.
Due to the great results from this tournament, this will most certainly continue to be an annual event.

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