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August 12-14, 2005
Madison Park Bar & Grill
Open & Division II
Madison Heights, MI
March 28, 2007 7:47 PM
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A total of 28 players participated in the Hot Summer Nights tournament August 12 - 15 at Madison Park Bowl in Madison Heights, Michigan.

Friday kicked off the weekend with the AB draw. First place went to Steve Auten & Bob Kingston (sponsored by Jim Earl Madary), with second place going to Jim Earl Madary & Tom Williams (sponsored by Wayne Atkinson). Third place victors were Bill Kane & Nelson Griswold (sponsored by Rob Mueller).

On Saturday, competition continued in the Division II Singles with 12 players competing. First place honors went to Don Grossman (sponsored by Jason Papa). Second place victor was Jim Earl Madary (sponsored by Rob Mueller), and third place went to Dave Delgado (also sponsored by Rob Mueller).

On Sunday, 14 players competed in the Division II (add to 4) Doubles. In first place, Bob Auten & Tom Williams (sponsored by Burt Lowe) emerged undefeated as first place victors with second place going to the team of Steve “CoCo” Brown & Peggy Williams (sponsored by Jimmy Kumpula).

Special thanks should be extended to Host Jason Papa and the rest of the staff at Madison Park Bowl for the wonderful hospitality.

A/B Draw

Steve Auten & Bob Kingston

Jim Earl Madary & Tom Williams

Bill Kane & Nelson Griswald

Wayne Atkinson & Jackie Meagher
Steve Brown & Rob Kern
James Kumpala & Cindy Brown
Tom Meagher & Roland Harkless
Don Grossman & Debbie Kern
Bob Auten & Martha Hall
Chris Lemieux & Peggy Williams
Leon Black & Rob Mueller

Division II Singles

Don Grossman

Jim Earl Madary

Dave Delgado

Wayne Atkinson
Steve Brown
Rob Kern
Theresa Stevens
Rob Mueller
Ann Harrell
Peggy Williams
Travis Taylor
Tom Williams

Division II Doubles

Bob Auten & Tom Williams

Steve “CoCo” Brown & Peggy Williams

James Kumpula & Rob Kern
Tom Meagher & Rob Mueller
Cindy Brown & Debbie Kern
John Addington & Bob Kingston
Jackie Meagher & Travis Taylor

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