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1st Annual Greater Detroit Open Shuffleboard Tournament is a Success!
April 29 - MAY 1
, 2005
(By CoCo Brown)
Saturday November 19, 2005 7:54 PM
[Doubles Pictures]

No time was wasted in the determination of the success of this first annual tournament, as 42 players signed up for the first night AB draw event on Friday, and 30 players in the second AB draw event Friday. Host Jason Papa added $100 to each pot.

Winners of the first single elimination AB draw were (split first and second) were John McDermott with Deanna Johns, and Jim Earl with Carolyn Perry. Third and fourth place tie went to Steve Auten with Theresa Stephens and Jim Kelsey with Russ Helgemo, and tied for fifth place were the teams of Frank Blade with Cindy Brown, Wayne Atkinson with John Flynn, Don Grossman with Rob Kern, and Jerry Siebert with Peggy Williams.

In the second single elimination AB draw, first place went to Steve Auten and Nelson Griswald, and second place to Wayne Atkinson and Deanna Johns. Tied for third and fourth place were Frank Blade with Theresa Stephens, and Scott Auten with Tom Schultz.

In Saturday’s Open Singles event, 14 players competed with first place victory going to host Jason Papa. Second place went to Steve Auten, and third place went to Alonzo Cottrell.

In Saturday’s Division II Singles event, there were 13 players, with first place going to Don Grossman. Second place honors went to Leon Black, with third place going to bracketeer Rob Kern.

Heated competition continued on Sunday with the Open Doubles and Division II Doubles. It was decided by all players in the Open Doubles to change the format and have a $100 True Round Robin paying two places.

In first place in the Open Doubles were Jason Papa and Alonzo Cottrell. Second place went to John McDermott and Frank Blade.

In the Division II Doubles, first place went to the undefeated team of Rob Kern and Dave Delgado. Second place went to Peggy Williams and Tom Williams in their tournament debut.

A total of $7,140 in prize money was won this weekend, and this is without having any

calcuttas on Friday. A total of 51 shuffleboard patrons participated over the weekend.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those that helped make this wonderful tournament the success that it was. Special thanks go to Co-Director’s Cindy Brown and Rob Kern; as well as Carolyn Perry and Steve Auten for assistance in the Calcutta auction.

Thanks also to host Jason Papa who not only generously added money to events on Friday, but also supplied pizza on Saturday as well as donuts on Sunday morning.

I would also like to give special thanks to wait staff Kim, Gina, Sam, Jenna, and Amy for the wonderful job taking care of us players; and of course Kathy who kept us all fed this weekend.

A very special thanks also goes to all that attended, attributing to the success of this annual event.

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