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Skip's Lounge
8895 W. Houghton
Houghton Lake, MI
"In the Heart of Michigan's
Beautiful Vacation Land"
Skips Fall Bash 2009
September 10 to September 13, 2009
Round Robin   (12 teams)
1st   Chris Lemieux & Ron Priebe
Round Robin 2   (8 teams)
1st   Dean Caddick & Peggy Williams
AB Draw   (18 teams)
1st   Junior Lopez & Tom Brushaber
2nd   Steve Auten & Peggy Williams
3rd   Dean Caddick & Diane Varela
4th   Harold Garian & Pat Cook
Round Robin Friday   (8 teams)
1st   Jeff Cottrell & Ryan Caddick
2nd   Mike Cork & Carlos Capote
ABC Draw   (16 teams)
1st   Mike Cork, Tom Brushaber, Debbie Kern
2nd   Junior Lopez, Norm Korpi, Steve Oros
3rd   Dennis Stantz, Diane Varela, Pat Cook
4th   Dennis Bittner, John Hines, Alida Freeman
Saturday Round Robin   (10 teams)
1st   Carlos Capote & Michael Young
2nd   Dean Caddick & David Bigra
Handicap Bring Team   (13 teams)
1st   Jim Norton & Don Bowers
2nd   Mike Cork & James Kumpula
3rd   Michael Young & Skip Sliwa


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