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Donna Wilber Memorial
Kane's Club Car Lounge Durand, MI
September 26th, 2009
From Dennis Bittner

Just finished playing in the Donna Wilber tourney in Durand

DonnaGeorge was there and still looks good.  We talked him into playing, though he said he hasn't picked up a puck in years.  His super daughter brought him over from Lansing and it was like old times, but his beautiful wife, kissing on him, was noticeably absent.  Isn’t it funny how we don’t appreciate someone until they are gone!! George was surely blessed to spend a lifetime with such a super lady. 

The ABC draw was a perfect format to get so many players involved.  Several players gave nice tributes to the BoardTalk lady before we played.  I didn’t speak but remembered the first tourney I put on at Durand.  I advertised in their magazine but was totally unaware that there was another tourney going on in Saginaw.  Boy, did I get a lesson on picking a date for a new tournament.  Now, these directors are much better at coordinating events.  They have to be as this poor economy has many players sitting on the sidelines with no money.

 I spent some time with George, on a park bench, outside in front of the Club Car.  We were reminiscing about the years past.  Those that are gone, in these last few years, are many.  Looks like the players are getting much younger.  Probably it’s just the fact that we are getting older.  It must be said that older players can be competitive, in this sport, until very late in life.  Ain’t that nice??  We live in Florida each winter and it must be noted that I spend less money on shuffleboard than the crazies who golf everyday.  Keep reminding your wives about that. 

This thought, I always wanted to express.  The number of couples in this sport are many.  I am quite jealous of those coming to tourneys as a team.  The Meagers, the Browns, Kanes, Jerry Hershman and Carolyn, the Korpies, Tishlers, Voorhis, and many, many more.  Wish my wife were into this as much as they are.  And that brings me to my next thought. 

This sport is not a spectator sport.  More mental with nothing for the occasional watcher that has no knowledge of the game.  All they see are the actions of the players.  Sometimes this is not good.  Poor sportsmanship, foul language, and the inability to lose gracefully are reasons many will not participate.  Most players were not athletes with ability to win or loose with class. This turns many new players off.  We need to stress this part of the game and do much better.  My wife would rather lose than go through the actions of a disgruntled loser that wants to criticize every shot.

Had breakfast in Houghton Lake with Larry Creakbalm.  This is one guy that Sue (my wife) loves to play with.  Never a wrong shot-it just missed.  We need to take lessons from Larry.  The guy loves the game, was once a great player, still shows up willing to do his best, and all of us know that, barring illness he’d still be –1. 

Dennis Bittner



What can I say other than it was a WONDERFUL Donna Wilber benefit tournament for the Wilber family!!


Players came from near and far to show their support; and ALL were ecstatic that George's daughter was able to bring him so he could participate in the celebration of Donna's life.  Several players that have not been able to play in a tourney for quite some time were able to be there no doubt to give their high respects.


A total of 14 ABC teams participated.  Raffles and door prizes were plentiful with 35+ door prizes.  Wonderful prizes included gift certificates, a telescope, tools, candles, and many, many more.  Special thanks to those that donated.


Prior to commencement of the tournament, many gave their shared memories of Donna and of course our honored tradition of a 15 point shuffleboard point countdown was given to tribute a true friend and pioneer in the game of tabletop shuffleboard.  Emotions ran amok and there had to be scarce a dry eye in the house.  Donna will truly continue to be greatly missed.


There were TONS of food and no person could have left hungry!  Many brought dishes to pass and PLNG (Pioneers and Legends New Generations) sprung for the wonderful chicken!


Along with 50-50's, door prize raffles, etc., many players also gave cash donations.  I would like to recognize the following for those cash contributions:


Bill and Brenda Kane

Richard Reist

Glen Ingram

Houghton Lake Annual Fall Bash

California Shuffleboard Hall of Fame

Sonny Morgan

Carrie Siple


There are SOO many to thank for the food and door prizes and although I cannot list everyone, your contribution was much appreciated.


1st Steve Auten, Mike Cork, Norm Korpi
2nd John Tischler, Brenda Kane, Harold Garian
3rd John McDermott, Bob Auten, Theresa Stevens


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