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Sunday, December 10, 2006 9:00 PM [Picture Gallery]
November 24, 2006 through November 26, 2006

Another successful turnout occurred at Kane’s Club Car during this year’s Michigan State Championship Tournament. Tournament Directors CoCo & Cindy Brown and Rob & Debbie Kern signed up a total of 55 shuffleboard patrons, participating in this planned three day tournament, including the following events: AB Round Robins on Friday, Mixed Doubles on Friday, Open Singles, Division II Singles, and Ladies Singles on Saturday, and Open Doubles and Division II Doubles on Sunday which merged into an AB Draw. With such fierce competition, there was only ONE team that went undefeated in ALL of the non-round robin events! See if you can figure out which player(s) went undefeated. (I will not reveal the answer until the end of this article for those who think they know players well).

On Friday, 17 teams participated in the Mixed Doubles event. First place victory went John McDermott and Jessica Williams (sponsored by John McDermott). Second place winners were Frank Blade and Sandy Blade (sponsored by Richard Reist), third place recipients were Bill Kane and Jackie Meagher (sponsored by Roland Metevier), and fourth place went to Tom Meagher and Brenda Kane (sponsored by John McDermott).

1st Mixed Doubles
Jessica Willimas & John McDermott

1st Open Singles -
Steve Auten

1st Division II Singles -
Lacho "Chreese" Barradas

1st Ladies Singles -
Jessica Williams

On Saturday, a combined total of 29 players battled in the three Singles events. First place in the Open Singles went to Steve Auten (sponsored by Roland Metevier), second place to Roland Metevier (sponsored by Richard Reist), and third place to Bill Kane (sponsored by Steve Auten). In the Division II Singles event, first place went to Lacho “Cheese” Barradas (sponsored by Doug Queen), second place went to Wayne Atkinson (sponsored by Roland Harkless), and third place to Rob Kern (sponsored by CoCo Brown).

In the Ladies’ Singles, first place went to Jessica Williams (sponsored by herself). Second place went to Brenda Kane (sponsored by Chris LeMieux).

On Sunday, a combined total of 20 players competed in the AB Draw event. First place went to team of Bob Auten and Travis Taylor (sponsored by Steve Auten). Second place went to Steve Auten and Dawn Brookins (sponsored by Jessica Williams), and third place went to Wayne Atkinson and Lacho “Cheese” Barradas (sponsored by Bill Kane).

Special thanks go to all who helped ensure another successful tournament at Kane’s Club Car. Wait staff as always, did a wonderful job serving our players. Thanks also to Travis Taylor for assisting in the auctions.

For those of you who think you’ve figured out the only undefeated player(s): Bob Auten and Travis Taylor were the only undefeated team this weekend!




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