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Michigan Open - Multiple Events Durand, Michigan May 26-29th, 2006
Updated Sunday June 11, 2006 3:25 AM

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May 26, 2006 through May 29, 2006

I would like to personally thank Bill & Brenda Kane for taking me into their home for 3 days. As a single parent it's difficult for me to afford (or justify) the cost that shuffleboard requires some times. Thank you so much! Your mouse pad is on the way, Brenda!

Secondly I'd like to thank the unsung heros, the Dream Team, of
Coco Brown, Cindy Brown, Rob Kern and Debbie Kern for all the work they do at these events. AH

Another successful turnout occurred at Kane’s Club Car during this year’s Michigan Open Tournament. Tournament Directors CoCo & Cindy Brown and Rob & Debbie Kern signed up a total of 95 shuffleboard patrons, participating in this planned four day tournament, including the following events: Mixed Doubles on Friday, Three Person Bring Open and Three Person Bring Division II on Saturday, Open Doubles and Division II Doubles on Sunday, and Open Singles and Division II Singles on Monday. Due to a city wide power outage, Monday’s events were cancelled and rescheduled on Saturday, June 3, 2006.

On Friday, 28 teams participated in the Mixed Doubles event. First place victory went to the double dipping team of Steve Auten and Carrie Siple (sponsored by Jerry Siebert). Second place winners were Jerry Siebert and Ann Harrell (sponsored by Vic Matteson), third place recipients were Brenda Kane and Tom Meagher (sponsored by Glen Ingram), and fourth place went to Glen Ingram and Sheryl Cockerill (sponsored by Richard Reist). Finishing in fifth and sixth were Mark Holland with Taya Keesling (sponsored by themselves), and Larry Brown with Mary Brown (sponsored by John McDermott).

On Saturday, a combined total of 63 players battled in the two Three Person Bring events. First place in the Open Three Person went to Glen Ingram, Larry Brown, and Tom Meagher (sponsored by Richard Reist). In the Division II Three Person, first place went to Dennis Bittner, John Flynn, and Jerry Weidmeyer as they defended their 2005 title (sponsored by Sheryl Cockerill). Second place victors were Bill Kane, Theresa Stephens, and Jessica Williams (sponsored by Jim Long), third place winners were Carlos Capote, Ron Bown, and Richard Reist (sponsored by themselves), and fourth place winners were Vic Matteson, Bob Auten, and Don Parkhurst (sponsored by Bert Lowe).

On Sunday, a combined total of 31 teams played in the Open Doubles and Division II Doubles.

In the Open Doubles, first place went to team of Glen Ingram and Jim Long (sponsored by Larry Brown). Second place went to Steve Auten and Roland Metivier (sponsored by John McDermott), and third place went to John McDermott and Frank Blade (sponsored by Richard Reist).

In the Division II Doubles, the double dipping team of Gene Wendling and John Flynn emerged as first place victors (sponsored by Jerry Siebert). Second place went to Sandy Blade and Travis Taylor (sponsored by Bill Kane), and third place went to Ron Bown and Jimmy Kumpula (sponsored by themselves).

Singles (rescheduled) results were as follows: First place in the Open Singles went to Dennis Bittner. In the Division II Singles, Wayne Atkinson took first place (sponsored by Dennis Bittner), and second place went to John Flynn (sponsored by Bill Kane).

No article would be complete without giving the tremendous thanks to those who helped make this tournament another huge success.

First and foremost, I would like to thank EVERYONE who came to this wonderful tournament, especially those from out of state. Thanks to Bracketteer Rob Kern, Cindy Brown, and Debbie Kern for their well organized tournament operation. Thanks to auctioneers Bill Kane and Glen Ingram. Thanks to Bill and Brenda Kane & staff for their generous hospitality. Thanks to all of those who brought food including but not limited to Bill and Brenda Kane, Melinda Flynn, and Dawn Hall.

Thanks to all of those who brought donations for the raffle.

Very special thanks to Ann Harrell for taking pictures and for publishing tournament results on her website. I would also like to thank Mike Cork for helping out in numerous ways including selling 50-50 tickets.

Hope to see you all in the Michigan Hall of Fame tournament (flyer to be posted very shortly).


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Mixed Doubles - 27 3 Person - Div I - 5 Doubles - Div I - 10 Singles- Div I - June 3rd

1st Steve Auten & Carrie Siple

2nd Jerry Siebert & Ann Harrell

3rd Tom Meagher & Brenda Kane

4th Glen Ingram & Sheryl Cockerill

5th Larry Brown & Mary Brown

6th Mark Holland & Taya Keesling


1st Glen Ingram
Larry Brown
Tom Meagher

1st Jim Long & Glen Ingram
2nd Steve Auten & Roland Metivier
3rd Frank Blade & John McDermott
1st Dennis Bittner Durand MI.
2nd Bill Kane Durand MI
3rd Danny Genez Pontiac MI
3 Person - Div II - 16 Doubles - Div II - 21 Singles- Div II - June 3rd

1st Dennis Bittner
John Flynn
Jerry Weidmeyer

2nd Bill Kane
Theresa Stevens
Jessica Williams

3rd Carlos Capote
Ron Bown
Dick Reist

4th Vic Matteson
Bob Auten
Don Parkhurst

1st Gene Wendling & John Flynn
2nd Sandy Blade & Travis Taylor
3rd Vic Matteson & Bobby Auten
4th Ron Bown & James Kumpala
5th/6th Jeri Ingram & Jackie Horn
5th/6th Dennis Bittner & Ann Harrell

Wayne Atkinson Waterford MI
2nd John Flynn Durand MI
3rd Brian Persallis- Flint MI
4th Jack Hamilton - Ind.

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