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2nd Annual MDA Send a Kid to Camp
Madison Park Bowl
Madison Heights, Michigan
March 25th, 2006
By Rob Kern & Coco Brown
Continued Success at 2nd Annual MDA Tournament in Madison Heights, Michigan

March 25th, 2006 marked the continued success at the Madison Park Bowl in Madison Heights, Michigan. Rob Kern’s 2nd MDA “Send a Kid to Camp” tournament (sponsored by PLNG – Pioneers & Legends and New Generations) exceeded last year’s total as well as expected goals for this year. Every year, MDA has a “send a kid to camp” program. The cost for sending one kid to camp is $600. Last year’s goal to raise enough to send one kid was exceeded by raising $1,570. This year’s goal was to raise enough to send three kids, or $1,800. Again, our goal was exceeded by raising $2,100. This year, Rob Kern was notified that once we reach the $3,000 mark, Rob will be able to attend the telethon in person to present the raised funds.

This one day event was announced to be either an AB or ABC; dependent upon the number of players. Although last year the event was an AB, continued growth of this tournament brought 36 players, (ranging in experience from the best in Michigan to almost “first time players”). This resulted in an ABC tournament.

Betty Parrish
, Alonzo Cottrell, Deb Kern
Steve Jurik
, Rachel Pendergrast, Jim Earl Madary


First place victors were Alonzo Cottrell, Deb Kern, and Betty Parrish, followed in second place by Jim Earl Madary, Steve Jurik, and Rachel Pendergrast. Finishing in third were Jason Papa, Carolyn Perry, and Peggy Williams.

The day was filled with food, fun, and prizes. Special thanks goes to the following individuals: Paul Panholzer for donating a custom designed weight case (won by Burt Lowe), host Jason Papa and staff for the wonderful hospitality provided, Betty Parrish (founder of PLNG) for providing food, door prizes and a set of American shuffleboard weights for raffle (won by Rob Meuller), Rob & Deb Kern for providing food and door prizes, CoCo & Cindy Brown for providing food and door prizes, Carolyn Perry for providing food and door prizes, and Tom & Jackie Meagher, Travis Taylor, Kim Stripe, Tom & Peggy Williams, and Jason Papa also for providing food.

Alec Rebecca gets ready for his next shot..

Special recognition is give to the following Platinum Sponsors:

· John McDermott (President of Shuffleboard Federation)
· Amy Mulvihill (one of the top sponsors even though she had to work and could not participate in the event)
· Jason Papa
· Travis Taylor
· Gene Wending
· Madison Park Bowl

We look forward to seeing everyone next year in the continued support of our shuffleboard family to MDA.

Harold Garian awaits his lession from the newcomer Matthew Rebecca.

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