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Posted Saturday September 23, 2006 6:01 PM
.September 8, 2006 through September 10, 2006
Another successful turnout occurred in what is believed to be the second longest running tournament in Michigan at Skip’s during this year’s Skip’s Fall Bash. A total of 56 shuffleboard patrons participated in this three day tournament, including the following events: AB Draw Partner on Friday, ABC Draw Partner on Saturday, and Open Singles on Sunday. More than $10,500 was up for grabs. Players came from far and wide, including Indiana, Ohio, Florida’s Dick Smedbert, and Missouri’s Frank Edelen. Thanks for your continued support in your travels!

On Friday, 21 teams participated in the AB Draw Partner event. Taking first place this year were Jim Long & Jessica Williams (sponsored by Travis Taylor). Second place winners were Slick Parrish & Jim Norton (also sponsored by Travis Taylor), and third place recipients were Bob Auten & Tom Williams (sponsored by Dave Nelson). Fourth place went to Dennis Bittner & Dawn Hall (sponsored by Dick Reist).

AB Draw Partner - 21 Teams
1st Jessica Williams & Jim Long
3rd Bob Auten & Tom Williams
2nd Jim Norton & Slick Parrish

4th Dennis Bittner & Dawn Hall

On Saturday, 18 teams battled in the ABC Draw Partner Event. Fierce competition resulted in first place victory going to Jim Earl Madary, Travis Taylor, & John Hines (sponsored by themselves) with Dennis Stantz, Kelly Genez, and newcomer Denese Cussans (sponsored by Dick Reist) finishing in second, and Dan Genez, Martha Hall, and Lacho “Cheese” Barradas in third (sponsored by Jo Nelson). Finishing in fourth place were Doug Queen, Slick Parrish, & Sandy Norton (sponsored by themselves).

ABC Draw Partner - 18 Teams
1st John Hines, Travis Taylor, & Jim Earl Madary
3rd Lacho Barradas, Martha Hall, & Dan Genez
2nd Sonsor Dick Riest,
Denese Cussans,
Dennis Stantz, Kelly Genez

Doug Queen, Slick Parrish, & Sandy Norton

Sunday heat continued, as 13 people competed in the Open Singles. Splitting first and second place were Jim Long and Dick Smedberg (sponsored by Rita and Jimmy Kumpula respectively). Third place went to Travis Taylor (also sponsored by Rita).

Open Singles - 13 Players
1st Dick Smedberg Winners Bracket (Split)
2nd Jim Long (Split)
3rd Travis Taylor

Tournament Directors CoCo and Cindy Brown, and Rob and Debbie Kern would like to thank the many people who helped to ensure the continued success of this annual event.

Special recognition should be given to Skip and Carol Sliwa (owners of Skip’s Lounge), and the wonderful staff for their generous hospitality, including a great food spread.

Special thanks are also extended to Carolyn Perry, Jessica Williams, and Joy Stephens for 50/50 ticket sales, and auctioneer’s Steve Auten, Skip Sliwa, and Dennis Bittner.

Skip’s Annual Fall Bashs’ continued success is attributed to the many wonderful shuffleboard patrons. Thank you so much for all who attended and we hope to see even more players next year!

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