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Market Street Cafe
Charlestown, MD
February 17-19, 2006
Reported by Louise Freer & Dave Shewbridge

Chip & Bobbi Spangler (Market Street owners) and their staff (with the usual special kudos to Debbie) did a wonderful job hosting this tournament and serving the players with great food and drink. The food was awesome! The tournament did not start until Friday, but players started coming in on Thursday... so we had an 18 team warm-up open draw on Thursday before the official tournament started on Friday.

The first event of the tournament was the Draw Partner on Friday (17th), followed by a Bring Partner on Saturday (18th), and ending with the Mixed Doubles on Sunday (19th). There was no handicap in any of the events. All events paid 5 places (5th & 6th places played it out to get the 5th place money spot).

Draw Partner - Friday Feb 17, 2006 - 24 Teams
1st Johnny Gardner & Rob Hummer
2nd Dick Losee & Mike Kennedy
3rd Louise Freer & Ryan Fuller
4th Curtis Dean & Pauline Rock
5th Sharon Canino & Brian Rutherford

Bring Partner - Saturday Feb 18, 2006 - 22 Teams
1st Chuck King & Eddie Kibler
2nd John & Sharon Canino
3rd Louise Freer & Joe Williams
4th Dave Shewbridge & Johnny Gardner
5th Dave Shewbridge & Johnny Gardner

Mixed Doubles - Sunday Feb 19, 2006 - 23 Teams
1st Dave Shewbridge & Stephanie McNeil
2nd Johnny Gardner & Bobbi Spangler
3rd Mike & Mary Ann Kennedy
4th Chuck Decker & Pauline Rock
5th Chuck King & Judy Iseman
The Participants:
Jonathon Harris
Joyce Pyle
Judith Iseman
Kurt Mauer
Len Dell
Louise Freer
Mark Dean
Mary Ann Kennedy
Mary Lou Burdo
Matt Hickey
Mike Caldwell
Mike Kennedy
Mike Miller
Nicole Miller
Pauline Rock
Penny Everett
Rick Greider
Rob Hummer
Roger Douglas
Ryan Fuller
Shannon Ratledge
Sharon Canino
Steph McNeil
Steve Burdo
Steve Jourdan
Wendy Arndt
Wendy Davis
John Canino
John Gardner
Anthony Todd
Brenda Wallace
Brian Andersen
Brian Rutherford
Buddy Bramer
Butch Kelly
Carol Hampton
Cathy Hoskins
Chris Hart
Chuck Decker
Chuck King
Cid Floriani
Corey Kink
Curtis Dean
Dave Shewbridge
Debbie the barmaid
Dick Gorman
Dick Losee
Donna Rutherford
Doris Reynolds
Doris Roberts
Ed Kibler
Flo Carlyle
JB Armour
Jeff Myles
Jen Pickett
Jim Dennis
Jim Wallace
Joe Williams
John Arndt

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