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8th Annual Wandering
The World Women's Tournament
American Legion Post #193 Louisville, KY
September 21st - 24th, 2006
Reported by Susie Halstead, Tournament Director
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Summary of Women's Events  
AB Draw Partner - 20 Teams Bring Partner - 20 Teams

1st Deb Voorhis & Peggy Hodge
2nd Jody Berry & Carol Pittman
3rd Jane Mourgos & Barb Head
4th Jeri Williams & Manny Canada

1st Jane Mourgos & Linda Meyer
2nd Deb Voorhis & Brenda Kane
3rd Manny Canada & Denise Bailey
4th Jeri Williams & Peggy Hodge

Div. I Singles - 15 Div. II Singles - 10
1st Linda Churchman
2nd Cindy
3rd Jeri Williams

1st Vicki Hunt
2nd JoAnn Leonard
3rd Ashley Tinsley
The 8th annual Wandering the World Women’s tournament was held at the American Legion Post 193 in Louisville, KY September 20th through September 24th. We had women attending from 12 different states, from Florida to Oregon. Before play started, Jane Mourgos spoke to the group, reminding us that the late Freddie Thuman told Jane at the inaugural tournament in California that she would be amazed at what this would turn into. His vision was correct. Michael Halstead led us in the National Anthem and the boards were then put into play!

It was a unique setting, the American Legion is housed in a building that was formerly the police station in the early 1900’s. The room the boards were in was actually the stable for the police horses. It has a wrap around balcony which spectators could view play from above. It was a unique perspective and added a whole new dimension to watching the sport. Please review Michael’s pictures for a peek into that perspective.

We played on 8 boards, wax, polish and board cleaner was generously supplied by the Shuffleboard Federation…Thanks John! Many round robins were held on Wednesday night with both men and women participating. Very late, one of our local man shufflers fell backwards and was knocked out when his partner lagged a 4. He regained consciousness a few minutes later and the two of them ended up winning that robin!

Thursday started the AB draw with Debbie Voorhis from Indiana and Peggy Hodge from Arkansas coming in first, Jody Berry from Indiana and Carol Pittman from Missouri second, Jane Mourgos from California and Barb Head from Missouri in third and Jeri Williams of Texas and Manny Canada from Arizona in fourth.

Friday was the Bring partner event. Californian Jane Mourgos and Linda Meyer from Arizona won, Indiana’s Debbie Voorhis and Brenda Kane from Michigan came in second, Manny Canada and Denise Bailey both from Arizona were third, Peggy Hodge from Arkansas and Jeri Williams from Texas in fourth place.

Saturday singles, two divisions. Birthday girl Vickie Hunt from California came in first place in division 2, JoAnn Leonard from Arizona was second and Kentucky’s own Ashley Tinsley came in 3rd. In division 1, Linda Churchman from Arizona was first, Cindy Clark, also from Arizona was second and Jeri Williams from Texas in third.

We could never have pulled off such a smooth tournament if it wasn’t for the excellent hard work by Kathy Yingst. She is a true master at it and a very special thanks to Kathy for all her hard work!! It was a wonderful time, with the exception of the severe storms and heavy rain Friday night and Saturday. We were able to raffle a set of Federation weights, a set of Triple Crown weights, 2 beautiful weight cases, a board wipe and a Dale Jr. Budweiser jacket. Thanks so much to all the local American Legion members who so generously donated enough door prizes that nobody left empty-handed. We also gave away small tote bags with our Wandering the World logo on it, filled with lots of goodies donated by local businesses and vendors to each registered woman player. Several horseshoes and mini Louisville Slugger baseball bats also were given away. Saturday was a free feed deliciously cooked by Robbie Goodlett. The ladies are still raving about her corn cakes! We offered a free shuttle to the 2 designated hotels so the ladies could imbibe without fear of driving intoxicated. We also were there to offer anyone who needed it a ride to and from the airport.

The trophies were unique. All of them were made from horseshoes that were actual shoes worn by thoroughbreds that ran at Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby. Special thanks to Steve Trout and Frank Nickolin for all the hard work put into making the trophies. Steve also made a unique sign Welcoming the Wandering the World Women written on it with a pair of steer horns, a picture of that is also attached. It was met with such glee that it will now travel to the next location of the tournament from here-on. He also made “Philly and Colt” signs to go above the restrooms matching our Kentucky Derby theme! I would also like to thank Glen Tubbs for all his hard work over and above the call of duty. We awarded him and Kentuckian Gary Craddock each “the McGyver” award for their sweat and effort to keep the boards running smoothly. I would also like to thank the American Legion members, so many of them worked very hard to make sure the women had a successful “fun” tournament. A week later all involved post members were saying they would do it all over again! We hope to soon have a tournament for all men and women to attend.
Thanks everyone for attending, it was such a pleasure having y’all! And don’t miss next year’s event hosted by Brenda Kane in Michigan!

Susie Halstead and Connie Tinsley, Tournament Directors

Bring Partner

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