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Bourbon American Legion #424
Kids Shuffleboard 4-16 Years Old
August 6, 2005
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Saturday November 19, 2005 9:24 PM

Bourbon, IN -The Bourbon Legion once again played host to kids 4-16 for their 2nd Annual Kids Shuffleboard tournament on the Legion's 5 shuffleboards. The Legion provided food and outside games to occupy the children between matches. There was a duck tank, balloon darts, a knocking down cans game and several others. The younger kids enjoyed winning many prizes while enjoying the beautiful day outside.

Greg Wallace took charge of running the brackets for the 4-6 year olds in the double elimination event. This youngest group played to 11 instead of the usual 15 points. Some of these kids were barely able to see over the end of the board, but provided the watching (and agonizing) adults with an exciting afternoon. This is the only time I will probably ever see players SKIP from one end of the board to the other. Finishing 1st was Haylee Ritter and Justin Wallace was 2nd.

Keith Spencer wrangled the 7-9 year olds. This age group played to 15 and provided some very entertaining games. The winners were 1st place Destinee Flowers and 2nd place was Tanner Senff.

The largest group of the day was ran by Eric Keenan. There were 10 kids in the 10-12 age group. This event was won by Matt Stewart with Jacob Stouder taking 2nd place.

13-16 Year Olds - 1st Brandon Senff 2nd Adam CreighbaumJay King watched over the 13-16 year olds. These older children are very experienced and didn't need much direction in keeping score or keeping track of the hammer. Many of these kids have been playing at the Legion for years. Brandon Senff won the winners bracket but lost the first game of the finals to Adam Creighbaum. Brandon came back in the final game to take first place in that division.

Thanks to Mary Houser for keeping everyone in drinks, Wally Dan (aka Harvey Altman) for the over all organization and registration of the kids and Robbin Creighbaum for setting up the games and helping all day.

Any parents wanting pictures may email me at for the highest resolution (not shown on the web) or just "right click" to save them from the picture gallery. - AH

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4-6 Year Olds 2nd Justin Wallace 1st Haylee Ritter

7-9 Year Olds 1st Destinee Flowers 2nd Tanner Senff

10-12 Year Olds 1st Matt Stewart 2nd Jacob Stouder

4-6 Year Olds - 7

Haylee Ritter
Jayden Drubert
Justin Wallace
Josh Stouder
Shelby Ritter
Griffin Stay
Mindy Dreibelbis

7-9 Year Olds - 4

Blake Johnson
Tanner Senff
Jared Stouder
Destinee Flowers

10-12 Year Olds - 10

Tori Drubert
Brook Johnson
Blain Johnson
Mahrissa Perkins
Matt Stewart
Jacob Stouder
Drew Felgenhauer
Taylor Baney
Brendon Baney
Steven Snay

13-16 Year Olds - 7

Adam Creighbaum
Brittany Wallace
Brandon Senff
Travis Tarlton
Chris Bradfield
Dylan Senff
Kody Senff

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