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Indiana Shuffleboard Leagues
Monday December 8, 2008 7:33 PM
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Bourbon/Etna Green

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Our Bourbon/Etna Green (Indiana league) started about 15 years ago with 5 teams from Bourbon. It now is between two towns, Bourbon & Etna Green. Any other teams from other towns can join. They just have to use one of the 12 boards available in Bourbon or Etna Green. Over the years the team amount has changed but we usually have between nine and eleven but we have had as many as twelve. The American Legion and Journey's End, both in Bourbon have five boards each. Etna Green has two. Our league is set up to have a sponsor to pay the fee for each team. The amount is can be whatever you choose. It is mainly played for bragging rights and a traveling trophy.

Each team plays each other two times during the season. After that, the best record seeds you for a double elimination league tournament that determines the league winner. When the season has ended we have a banquet and A/B draw partner tournament. The money collected from the sponsors is used to pay for the food and the rest is divided by the winners of the draw partner tournament.

We play Tuesday nights at 7:00 pm best out of 7 games, short board.

The software that I use to set up the league comes from Timeless Technologies "schedule wizard".


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