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Piereceton Legion A/B Draw and Doubles
January 21-22, 2005

Friday January 20, 2006 10:57 PM
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A/B Draw - 10 Teams Doubles - 12 Teams

Friday night 10 teams participated in the A/B draw partner, single elimination event. Two teams finished with 2 wins and decided to split the differance given the iffy weather and latness of the hour. This was Ann Harrel's first time EVER placing in the money since she started playing shuffleboard a year and a half ago.

Ten inches of snow and 25 mph winds held down the attendance to Saturday's doubles to 12 solid teams. Phil Heinzman's, Turnone Racing Collectables added $200 to the entry fee to help make things interesting. Phil also placed cards on the end of each board and anyone lagging a 4 pulled that card for varioius amounts of money. Gary Neff was the only one to earn a card valued at $20!

Thanks to the Legion for GREAT food and great hospitality See the winners below.

1st/2nd Split
Ann Harrell (B) & Jerry Seibert (A)

Jay Boyle (B) & Gary Anglin (A)

Mike Grimes & Dan Elder
Pam Dowell & Keith Spencer
Brian Collins & Max Minzie
Terry Dowell & Dave Arnett
Gary Neff & Jan Morlan
Mike Johnson & James Sizemore
Jim Long & Dick Alt
Wally Dan & Vicki Morgan

Brian Collins & Gary Anglin

2nd Terry Dowell & Gary Neff

Mike Johnson & Ray MIller
Jerry Seibert & Jim Long
Mike Koontz & Randy Redman
Larry & Mary Brown
Larry Huffer & Mike Grimes
Vicki Morgan & Pam Dowell
Larry Creakbaum & Carol Westerman
Ken Reed & Phil Heinzman
Tom Bickel & Seth Bickel
Ann Harrell & Dave Arnett

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