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Palace - Open Doubles
Fairmont, IN January 29, 2005

Sunday January 30, 2005 9:29 PM
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A field of 11 teams fought for the prize at the Palace Bar in Fairmont, Indiana. Bobby Voohris & Rick Royal won the winners bracket and Mike Koontz and Terry Dowell survived the non-winners bracket to play in the finals. The first game of the finals went to Koontz and Dowell, but Bobby and Rick won the final game 15-12.

Bobby Voohirs & Rick Royal


Rick Stocker & Larry Brown
Glen Ingram & Jim Hamilton
Gary Anglin & Brian Collins
Mary Brown & Debbie Voohris
Ray Miller & Mike Johnson
Robin Reed & Pam Dowell
Skip Enyeart & Tony Skinner
Ann Harrell & Lisa Koontz

Terry Dowell & Mike Koontz

Byron George & Danny Watson

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