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Journey's End Bar & Grill - Open Singles
February 18-19, 2005

Friday January 27, 2006 8:38 PM
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Bar owner, tournament director and veteran shuffleboard player, Mike Koontz, had his first top finish in his own bar, Journey's End Bar & Grill, Saturday, February 19, 2005. Though placing in the money several times over the course of the last 18 months on his home turf, he finally made the top spot this past weekend in the open singles event.

Second place finisher, Mike Johnson, forced an extra game in the finals by winning the first match 15-14. In the final match, with the score 10-11, Johnson, Koontz went around a weight to hide a three and then lagged a two to win the match 15-11.

A/B Draw - 10 Teams Singles - 20 Teams

Leon Black & Bob Milliken

Ken Reed & Dave Arnett

Mike Koontz & Mark Roahrig
Jim Long & Ron Merrill
Mike Johnson & Mark Stevens
Pam Dowell & Shelly Vuittenet
Keith Spencer & Ann Harrell
Uriah Grahmn & Lisa Drupert
Mary Brown & Vicki Morgan
Gary Anglin & Charlie Drubert


1st Mike Koontz

3rd Gary Anglin

Dennis Kinsey
Brian Collins
Larry Creakbaum
Larry Brown
Pam Dowell
Bud Esterline
Leon Black
Ann Harrell
Ron Grey
Keith Spencer
Uriah Graham
Missy Rupe
Randy Redman
Ron Merrill
Gary Neff
Dave Arnett

2nd Mike Johnson

4th Terry Dowell

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