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Journey's End Draw Partner and Doubles
April 15-16-2005
Sunday April 17, 2005 5:21 PM
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Bourbon, IN - Gorgeous weather, golf and honey-do lists held the attendance down this past weekend but it was a great tournament none the less. Mark Stevens severely endangered his status as a "B" player in A/B draws by finishing in the money in 3 out of the last 4 draw partner events. Since many people were tired from yard work following the first decent week of weather this year it was decided to play single elimination with 2/3 in the final game. Dennis Stantz from Ohio and local Mark Stevens won the first two games of the finals handily making for an early night for everyone.

Saturday was another pretty day with the temperature in the 70s. Eleven teams vied for the $1400 prize. It was a lagging day as at least 6 different people lagged 4s, but none more than Glen Ingram. In the final game alone, against Koontz and Kinsey, Glen lagged two 4s, one defying both the laws of physics and gravity to slid backwards after appearing to be half way off the end of the board. Partner Jim Long then lagged a 4 to put the game out.

Thanks to Lisa Koontz for manning the registration desk and Gary Neff for running the bracket board.


Draw Partner - 8 Teams

1st Dennis Stantz/Mark Stevens

2nd Pam Dowell/Dave Petteys

Mike Grimes & Mark Roahrig
Brian Collins & Ann Harrell
Gary Neff & Jan Morlan
Gary Anglin & Lisa Drubert
Mike Koontz & Charlie Drubert
Terry Dowell & Ron Merrill

Doubles - 11 Teams

1st Glen Ingram & Jim Long

2nd Mike Koontz & Dennis Kinsey

3rd Rick Stocker & Larry Brown

Jan Morlan & Ann Harrell
Gary Neff & Dennis Stantz
Jody Berry & Uriah Graham
Mike Grimes & Brian Collins
Gary Anglin & Pat Riewoldt
Charlie & Lisa Drubert
Mary Brown & Pam Dowell
Mike Johnson & Terry Wolfrum

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