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Journey's End Amateur 1.5> Doubles & Singles April 1-2, 2005

Saturday November 10, 2007 10:10 PM
Ohio - Michigan - Kentucky - Indiana
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BOURBON, IN --All three 1st place finishers in the 3rd Journey's End Bar & Grill Amateur Tournament fought their way through the losers bracket to take the top prizes. See links to past tournaments above.

Friay April 1, 2005 A/B Draw
(14 Teams)

1st Mark Stevens & Gary Neff

Vickie Morgan &
Carlos Capote

(Winners Bracket)

3rd Mike Koontz & Uriah Graham

4th Ken Reed & Ann Harrell

Mark Roahrig & Terry Wolfrum
Pat Riewaldt & Jack Hamilton
Roger Wilhelm & Lisa Drubert
Ed Stachulak & Gary Anglin
Leon Black & Charles Drubert
Keith Spencer & Rocky Ridder
Don Geiger & Dave Pettys
Matt Senff & Marge Camp
Zane Burnett & Shelly Vuittonet
Tom Davidson & Bill Niswonger

Saturday April 2, 2005 - Doubles
20 Teams

1st Rocky Rider & Carlos Capote

Terry Wolfrum & Don Geiger

Vicki Morgan & Mike Grimes

Roger Wilhelm & Bill Niswonger

Just out of the money:
Ann Harrell & Mark Roahrig
Leon Black & Jack Hamilton

Lee Kinley & Doc Deventor
Lisa Drubert & Shelly Vittonett
Charlie & Charley Drubert
Keith Spencer & Marge Camp
Uriah Graham & Tony Lozier
Ron Raisor & Chad Hemphill
Carol & AJ Westerman
Terry & Bev Sidle
Gary & Sharon Cooley
Marty Hemphill & Mark Palmer
Jan Morlan & Beth Robinson
Joyce Roberts & Missy Rupe
Pam Dowell & Randy Redman
Tom Davidson & Ken Reed

Sat. April 2, 2005 - Singles
31 Teams

Pam Dowell

Terry Wolfrum

Tom Davidson

Roger Wilhelm

Carlos Capote

Don Geiger

Lee Kinley
Doc Deventor
Beth Robinson
Lisa Drupert
Charley Drupert
Keith Spencer
Marge Camp
Tony Lozier
Dennis Kinsey Jr.
Rocky Rider
Terry Sidle
Bev Sidle
Bill Niswonger
Leon Black
Joyce Roberts
Missy Rupe
Randy Redman
Jack Hamilton
Mike Grimes
Ann Harrell
AJ Westerman
Ken Reed
Mark Roahrig
Ron Merrill
Uriah Graham

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