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Bourbon Legion - True Round Robin - 13 Teams
March 11-12, 2005
Monday March 14, 2005 7:50 AM
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Thirteen teams participated in this grueling round robin, but the hardest working person of all was Pam Dowell. Pam registered all the participants, kept track of all the money, kept the charts and generally had the tournament running smoothly.

Including the $100 per person entry fee, there was almost $5,000 at stake after the sponsor sale with 9 teams selling for between $450 and $180. Ironically the winning team sold for the least amount!

Congratulations to Brian Collins & Gary Neff.

13 Teams  
Terry Dowell & Bobby Voohris
Mike Koontz & Dennis Kinsey
Glen Ingram & Scott Smith
Greg Massie & Buddy Broka
Dave Vondron & Gary Anglin
Mike Johnson & Jim Long
Scott Auten (MI) & Jerry Siebert (MI)
Gary Neff & Brian Collins
Randy Redman & Dennis Creighbaum
Bill Kane (MI) & Larry Creakbaum
Dennis Stantz (OH) & Beef Camp
Bud Esterline & Ann Harrell
Marge Camp & Dave Arnett

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1st Brian Collins & Gary Neff

2nd Mike Koontz & Dennis Kinsey

3rd Dave Vondron & Gary Anglin

4th Terry Dowell & Bobby Voohris

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