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Bourbon/Etna Green League A/B Tournament and Banquet
March 26, 2005
Saturday November 19, 2005 7:32 PM
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Twenty-three teams participated in the A/B Draw Partner. To be eligible you had to play or be available to play 6 times through the league season. The sponsoring bars, Bourbon Legion, Etna Pub and Journey's End Bar & Grill, as usual donated the remaining league fees towards the entry fee of the tournament. After paying for the food for the banquet, this made for $950 to be paid to eight places. The sponsor sale brought that total up to $2170 with the sponsor sale paying to six places. Thanks to all the sponsors that turned out for this local event.

Robbin Creighbaum did the registration desk and helped cook along with Mary Houser and Ellen Elliott. Dennis Creighbaum is our "league master". He does all the scheduling throughout the year, the league tournament, and the league banquet.

Please see the winners pictures. I tried to take the pictures ahead of time in case I went home early. Buddy Broka seems to be some what superstitious. He said, "You can't take my picture, I haven't won anything yet." Well... they did end up winning but I forgot to take another picture (it was rather late). I have, however, inserted a couple of other pictures of Buddy. The one in the upper left hand corner was taken March 26, 2005 (while he wasn't looking). The other picture is from a past tournament.

Ann Harrell

1st Bob Reyes & Buddy Broka

3rd Bill Niswonger & Scott Haverstock

5/6th Ann Harrell & Mark Roahrig

7/8th Monty Wolf & Gary Neff

2nd Steve Slough & Ken Baxter

4th Ellen Elliott & Jim Fletcher

5/6th Keith Spencer & Dean Stockberger

7/8th Wally Dan & Eric Keenan

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