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Bourbon Legion October 1-3, 2004
Saturday November 19, 2005 9:37 PM

Draw Partner - 15 Teams

Glenn Ingram/Mike Johnson

Brian Collins/Dave Arnett

Dave Boaz/Jerry Siebert

Rick Stocker/Pam Dowell
Larry Brown/Marg Camp
Vicki Morgan/Gary Neff
Jim Long/Kristie Redman
Mary Brown/Terry Dowell
Deb Voohris/Bill Niswonger
Ray Miller/Mark Roahrig
Pat Riewalt/John Gilbert
Keith Spencer/Jerry Knox

Larry V/Beef Camp
Dennis Stantz/Gary Anglin
Earl Rosinski/Jim the cop

Open Doubles - 15 Teams

Glenn Ingram/Mike Johnson

Mike Koontz/Dennis Kinsey

Jerry Knox/Ray Miller

Bud Esterline/Mary Brown
Larry Vance/Dave Boaz
Terry Dowell/Bobby Voohris
Bud Broka/Beef Camp
Greg Masey/Brian Collins
Gary Neff/Gary Anglin
Deb Voohris/Pam Dowell
Dennis Stantz/Jim Long
Rick Stocker/Larry Brown
Bill Niswonger/Vicki Morgan
Jerry Siebert/Frank Blade
Rocky Rider/Todd Brewer


Singles - 14 Teams

1st Frank Blade with director Gary Anglin of the Legion

Mike Johnson
HOF Larry Creakbaum, Mike Johnson & Gary Anglin

3rd Terry Dowell

Glenn Ingram
Bobby Voohris
Larry Brown
Larry Vance
Dave Boaz
Gary Anglin
Larry Creakbaum
Rick Stocker
Rocky Rider
Don Wilson
Robin Reed


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