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AB Blind Draw Open Doubles Max -3 Handicap

1st Roger Holloway & Joyce Roberts
2nd Rick Stocker & Wally Dan
3rd Dennis Creighbaum & Jackie Imus

Jerry Hershman & Roland Harkless
Jim Long & Martha Hall
Billy Mays & Jill Thompson
Alonzo Cottrell & Brandon Chapman
Carlos Capote & Chet Seybert
Jeff Cottrell & Vickie Long
Jerry Knox & Caroline Hershman
Dennis Bittner & Donnie Parkhurst
Jody Berry & Jimmy the Cop
Tom & Jackie Meagher

1st Obie & Aaron Pierce (WB)
2nd Bud & Carla Shelton
3rd Jerry Hershman & Jody Berry

Glenn Smith & Chet Seybert
Bobby & Deb Voorhis
Billy Mays & Dennis Creighbaum
Jeff & Alonzo Cottrell
Dennis Bitner & Carlos Capote
Rick Stocker & Mary Brown
Jim Long & Jerry Knox
Roger Holloway & Joyce Roberts
Wally Dan & Jackie Imus
Tom & Jackie Meagher
Roland Harkless & Martha Hall
Donnie Parkhurst & Caroline Hershman


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