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Open Singles
The Palace Fairmount, IN

Labor Day
September 1-5, 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010 5:30 PM

1st - Bob Voorhis
2nd - Dave Vorndran
3rd - Carla Shelton

Jim Hamilton
Deb Voorhis
Mary Brown
Larry Brown
Jesse Lainhart
Bud Shelton
Obie Pierce
Tony Watson
John Burns
Steve Holloway
Jack Hamilton

A/B Doubles Mixed Doubles

1st Dave Vorndran & Jesse Lainhart
2nd Deb Voorhis & Gary Neff
3rd Tony Watson & Gene Brown

Larry Brown & Sheryl Cockerill
Jim Hamilton & Tony Skinner
Steve Holloway & John Burns
Bobby First & Brian Gillespie
Bob Voorhis & Bud Shelton
Chet Seybert & Carla Shelton
Jody Berry & Don Wilson
Mike Kinitter & Obie Pierce
Brian Collins & Taya Keesling

1st - Jody Berry & Gary Neff
2nd - Deb & Bob Voorhis
3rd - Amy & Jesse Lainhart

Larry Brown & Sheryl Cockerill
Holly & Steve Holloway
Pam Spillman & Obie Pierce
Jane & Chet Seybert
Carla & Bud Shelton
Taya Keesling & Brian Collins


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