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Fairmount,IN May 27-May 30, 2011
Particpants from IN, OH, KY
Pictures to Follow

Open Draw 3 Person Bring Team - Add to 3

5-27-11 Open Draw (14 teams)

1st - Jim Hamilton & Bob Voorhis
2nd - Sheryl Cockerill & Gene Brown
3rd - Taya Keesling & Larry Brown
4th - Obie Pierce & Bud Shelton

Sonny Starkey & Buddy Yates
Deb Voorhis & Chet Seybert
Brian Collins & Tony Skinner
Mary Brown & Tom Nolder
Bob Daily & Robert Atkins
Rick Stocker & Gene Darnell
John Poling & Gator
Amy Bond & Jack Hamilton
Marsha Meek & Don Hopper
Carla Shelton & Rondo

5-28-11 3 Person Team Event (11 teams)

1st - Carla & Bud Shelton & Bob Voorhis
2nd - Nick George, Obie Pierce, Jim Hamilton
3rd - Jody Berry, Gary Neff, Joyce Roberts

Gene Darnell, Gene Brown, Tom Nolder
Dave Vorndran, Todd Brewer, Dave Becker
Don Wilson, Jack Hamilton, Dave Boaz
Deb Voorhis, Jesse Lainhart, Tony Watson
Mary & Larry Brown, Taya Keesling
Lynnett Lonaker, Robert Atkins, Glen Smith
Chet Seybert, Danny Watson, Tony Skinner
Buddy Yates, Marsha Meek, Don Hopper

Handicap Doubles Mixed Doubles

5-29-11 Handicap Open Doubles (15 teams)

1st - Tom Massie & Bob Voorhis
2nd - Gary Neff & Dave Boaz
3rd - Tony Watson & Jesse Lainhart
4th - Joyce Roberts & Wally Dan

Dave Vorndran & Deb Voorhis
Bud & Carla Shelton
Buddy Yates & Don Hopper
Ken Reed & Nick George
Mary Brown & Jody Berry
Lynnett Lonaker & Robert Atkins
Glen Smith & Chet Seybert
Larry Brown & Rick Stocker
Jim Hamilton & Brian Collins
Bob Daily & Ernie
Don Wilson & Jack Hamilton

5-30-11 Mixed Doubles (9 Teams)

1st - Deb & Bob Voorhis
2nd - Jody Berry & Nick George
3rd - Mary & Larry Brown

Marcy & Gene Darnell
Mary Youngblood & Danny Vickery
Sheryl Cockerill & Glen Smith
Lynnett Lonaker & Robert Atkins
Carla & Bud Shelton
Amy Bond & Jesse Lainhart


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