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State Amateur Doubles - 10 Teams
The Palace Fairmount, IN

1st Indiana Amateur State
December 4th, 2010

Sunday, December 5, 2010 6:34 PM

1st - Nick George & Bud Shelton
2nd - Tony Skinner & Gene Brown
3rd - Gene Darnell & Jack Hamilton

Brian Knitter & John Burns
Joe Wiggins & Don Wilson
Jon Mauk & Roger Wilhelm
Carla Shelton & Jesse Lainhart
Taya Keesling & Ken Reed
Bobby First & Robert Atkins
Monty Wolf & Darrell Stookey

State Amateur Singles - 20  

1st - Jesse Lainhart
2nd - Bud Shelton
3rd - Nick George
4th - Tony Skinner

John Burns
Joe Wiggins
Jon Mauk
Roger Wilhelm
Gene Darnell
Carla Shelton
Taya Keesling
Ken Reed
Bobby First
Robert Atkins
Robin Reed
Darrell Stookey
Don Wilson
Gene Brown
Monty Wolf
Jack Hamilton


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