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Amateur 1.4>
Doubles & Singles
Bourbon, IN 46504
August 19-20, 2008
Sunday, September 21, 2008 0:54 AM

Since 2004 Journey's End Bar & Grill in Bourbon has hosted an Amateur tournament in the Spring and another in the fall. Everyone seems to enjoy this one day, 2 event schedule. We have historically had players from Indiana, Michigan and Ohio but would love to have other states pay us a visit.

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Friday Draw Partners

Singles - 25
1st Joyce Roberts
2nd Tony Skinner (WB)
3rd Doug Queen
4th Byron George
5th/6th Bud Shelton
5th/6th Mike Grimes

Ann Harrell
Kevin Gass
Ken Reed
Wally Dan
Jackie Imus
Robert Atkins
Carla Shelton
Roger Wilhelm
Rocky Rider
Obie Pierce
Gene Brown
Chet Seybert
Dave Arnett
Bill Niswonger
Carlos Capote
Dave Petteys
Cathi Brandenburg
Gene Darnell
Bob Auten
Doubles - 13
1st Chet Seybert & Gene Brown
2nd Obie Pierce & Kevin Gass (WB)
3rd Jon Mauk & Mike Grimes

Dave Petteys & Jo Bates
Waly Dan & Jackie Imus
Vicki Morgan & Robert Atkins
Carlos Capote & Doug Queen
Bud Shelton & Carla Shelton
Roger Wilhelm & Rocky Rider
Ken Reed & Bob Auten
Tony Skinner & Byron George
Ann Harrell & Dave Arnett
Bill Niswonger & Jane Seybert

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