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3rd Shuffleboard Player Appreciation Day & Scheduling Meeting
Bourbon, IN 46504 - August 23rd, 2008
Sunday, September 7, 2008 3:07 PM | Picture Gallery |
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Jody Berry & Gary Neff - July at Lucky'sBourbon, IN: Saturday August 23rd

Ever have a tournament and everyone showed up? This was the case for The Shuffleboard Appreciation Day Tournament held August 23, 2008. A total of 55 teams participated in the two same day events with there being 73 unique registered players.

Thank You!
A heart felt thanks to all that stepped in to help with the unexpected turn out. First off thanks to my shuffleboard Angel Jon Mauk and his partner Roger Wilhelm from Ohio and Tom & Jackie Meagher from Michigan for pre-registering.

A huge thanks to Jody Berry and Jane Seybert for helping with the registration and sale. Needless to say I had sheets prepared on my computer but they turned out to be woefully inadequate for the turnout. While I furiously redid all the sheets, Jody and Jane took the registrations from the 53 teams that needed to sign in.
Thanks also to Brian Collins for running the auction. Brian is always such a huge help at tournaments.

Lastly, not only did Gary Neff and Jody Berry win both tournaments but Gary ran the bracket boards for both with help from Jody and Brian and various other people while they were playing. The biggest THANK YOU of all goes to Gary and Jody for NOT calling me to take their picture when the tournament was over! - Ann Harrell

Pro/Am - Chart
1st Gary Neff & Jody Berry
2nd Terry Dowell & Joyce Roberts (WB
Mixed Doubles - Chart
1st Gary Neff & Jody Berry (WB)
2nd Obie Pierce & Kim Stripe

Draw- 12 Teams
Pro/Am - 31 Teams Mixed Doubles - 24 Teams - Chart

1st Glen Ingram & Jody Berry
2nd Jackie Imus & Ken Reed

Jim Long & Mike Koontz
Obie Pierce & Larry Creakbaum
Jackie Meagher & Teresa Taylor
Dave Nifong & Aaron Williams
Dave Vorndran & Todd Brewer
Rocky Rider & Elyse
Robert Atkins & Tom Meagher
Ken Lewis & Vicki Morgan
Gary Anglin & Kim Stripe
Gene Darnell & Joyce Roberts

1st Gary Neff & Jody Berry
2nd Terry Dowell & Joyce Roberts (WB)
3rd Gene Darnell & Jim Hamilton
4th Jim Long & Obie Pierce
Bud & Carla Shelton
5th/6th Gary Anglin & Wally Dan
7th/8th Mary Brown & Deb Voorhis
7th/8th Robert Atkins & Rick Stocker

Dennis Kinsey & Randy Redman
Larry Brown & Ann Harrell
Tom Meagher & Jackie Meagher
Dennis Creaghbaum & Jackie Imus
Jon Mauk & Roger Wilhelm
Mike Grimes & Ken Reed
Rocky Rider & Carlos Capote
Todd Brewer & Dave Vorndran
Mike Koontz & Tyler Lozier
Don Keppell & Bud Esterline
Glen Ingram & Ken Lewis
Nick George & Byron George
James Garrett & Robbie Collins
Bill Kane & Kim Stripe
Taya Keesling & Brian Collins
Sheryl Cockerill & Brenda Kane
Doc Deventer & Beth
Gene Brown & Bobby Voorhis
Tony Watson & Glen Smith
Dave Boaz & Tony Skinner
Chet Seybert & Connie Langolf
Jane Seybert & Tony Lozier
Glenda & Ernie Dincoff

1st Gary Neff & Jody Berry (WB)
2nd Obie Pierce & Kim Stripe
3rd Jim Long & Vicki Morgan
4th Terry Dowell & Joyce Roberts
5th/6th Bill & Brenda Kane
5th/6th Bobby & Debbie Voorhis

Larry & Mary Brown
Gary Anglin & Ann Harrell
Tom & Jackie Meagher
Mike Grimes & Pat Kuhn
Sheryl Cockerill & Connie Langolf
Robert Atkins & Teresa Taylor
Robbin Creighbaum & Mike Koontz
Steve Holloway & Mona
Taya Keesling & Brian Collins
Doc Deventer & Beth
Bud & Carla Shelton
Dennis Creighbaum & Jackie Imus
Wally Dan & Lori Zimmerman
Chet & Jane Seybert
Gene Darnell & Michaela Eltzroth
Pat & Lisa Riewoldt
Glenda & Ernie Dincoff
Ken Reed & Marty Lozier


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