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- Open Singles-
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Bourbon, IN 46504 February 17, 2007
Monday, February 19, 2007 10:02 AM
Saturday, Open Singles - 12
Bourbon, IN: Journey's End Bar & Grill hosted an open singles event this past Saturday, February 17, 2007. Once again 12 hardy soles braved the weather to compete. With only a $20 entry fee, players from Bobby V. (-1.09) to unrated Obie Pierce competed.

The $5 registration fee pays for the trophies and powder. Last year any "left over" registration fees went as added money to the August "Player Appreciation" day, which happened to fall on Bobby Vs birthday.

Where else but in Indiana could you have, Mike Koontz, Mikel Johnson, Jim Long and Bobby Voorhis in the LOSERS bracket? Several games went 14-14 and Bobby V won one such game with out the hammer!

Our newly annointed "minus/pro" players, Gary Anglin and Larry Brown took 1st and 2nd in a fine display of shooting, with Bobby V. taking third place by defeating Jim "just out of the money" Long.

See the Indiana Schedule for upcoming events. Highlights include: Amateur 1.5> April 14th at Journey's End, Bourbon Legion True Round Robin with graduated entry fee, March 16-17 and of course, the Spring (May) Open Doubles at the Bourbon Legion (watch for special news on this tournament).

Reported by Ann Harrell - Picture Gallery -

1st Gary Anglin (-.05)

2nd Larry Brown (-.03)
3rd Bobby Voorhis (-1.09)

Ann Harell

Bud Esterline (1.23)
Obie Pierce (UR)
Jim Long (-.24)
Bobby Voorhis (-1.09)
Gary Anglin (-.05)
Mike Koontz (.13)
Larry Brown (-.03)
Uriah Graham (1.55)
Keith Spencer (2.14)
Mikel Johnson (-.27)
Ken Reed (1.83)

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