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2nd Shuffleboard Player Appreciation Day And Scheduling Meeting
Bourbon, IN 46504 Pro/Am - August 18, 2007
Thursday, September 27, 2007 11:29 PM | Picture Gallery |
| 2006 Report |

2007-2008 Indiana Scheduling meetingBourbon, IN: Saturday August 18th was Shuffleboard Player Appreciation Day at Journey's End Bar & Grill in the big shuffleboard town of Bourbon, Indiana. The weekend began with a single elimination AB draw partner Friday evening. Jeri Ingram and Ann Harrell beat back all comers to take first place. Open play followed with most (but not all!) people opting for an early evening.

Indiana Shuffleboard Bar Owners Meeting
The doors opened at 8 AM Saturday morning with players and bar owners trickling in as the morning progressed. Sheryl Cockerill sat in on the meeting representing the IN HOF, Glen Ingram for trhe By-Pass Bar & Grill in Muncie, Gary Anglin for the Bourbon Legion, Mike Koontz for Journey's End, Bobby Voorhis for "The Palace" and Mike Grimes representing Carol Westerman of Lucky's Tavern in North Webster. Working from the 2006-2007 schedules and a dated "blank" for 2007-2008, the bar owners hammered out a 2007-2008 schedule with a minimum of blood shed. This is the second year the scheduling for Indiana has been handled in this manner and it seems to be working well. For years Larry Creakbaum handled the scheduling for Indiana. Since he retired from that thankless position, the bar owners have stepped up to lay out the schedule for the year. That schedule is now available online as a web page and also in printable format at These Indiana events and also the Michigan schedule provided by Jason Papa and Bill Kane have been forwarded to the TSA for posting compliments of

Player Appreciation Pro/Am - 24 Teams
All last season at Journey's End a $5 registration fee was charged for each tourney to cover the cost of powder and trophies. That money was returned to the players last year in the form of $500 added money. This year the added entry fee money was $1,000! Crock pots of hot dogs, chili sauce, condiments and chips were provided for the players to help themselves during the course of the afternoon and evening and as always, quarters were provided for play. Mikel Johnson did his usual rousing job running the auction and Ann Harrell ran the registration desk and printed the sheets for all.

The top rated player in the state of Indiana, Bobby Voorhis chose currently unrated Gene Brown of Summitville, IN as his "2" for the pro/am event. After losing an early match they fought their way back through the losers bracket to face Michigan players Frank Blade and "The Famous Lacho Barradas" (of 72 hour Reno bus trip fame) in the finals. Bobby and Gene won the first game on board 4 to force a final game on board 5. The Indiana team completed the double dip to take 1st place in this years "Shuffleboard Player Appreciation Day" tournament. The Michigan team of Frank Blade and Lacho Barradas took second place honors. Jim Long from South Bend and Byron "The Greek" George of Fairmount were third. Fourth place honors were taken by Glen Ingram and Robert Atkins of Summitville. Rounding out the field, taking 5th/6th places were Larry Brown of Ft. Wayne with Mikey Grimes of North Webster and the team of Terry Dowell from Mentone and Roger Wilhelm of Ohio.

Thanks to all our Michigan and Ohio friends for rounding out the 24 team field and thanks to the bartenders and wait staff for keeping everyone supplied with food and drink. See you next year!

Reported by Ann Harrell...

Friday A/B Draw Partner - 14 Teams
Pro/Am - 24 Teams | 2006 Report |

1st Ann Harrell & Jeri Ingram

2nd Larry Brown & Vicki Morgan
3rd Jim Long & Dave "Brownie" Nifong

Glen Ingram & Robert Atkins
Rick Stocker & Dave Arnett

Roger Wilhelm & Cathi Brandenburg
Jody Berry & Dave Petteys
Mike Koontz & Jane Seybert
Uriah Graham & Larry Creakbaum
Jerry Seybert & Tanner Griffis
Gene Brown & Jon Mauk
Mike Grimes & Chet Seybert
Bud Esterline & Tyler Lozier

1st Gene Brown & Bobby Voorhis
Gene Brown & Bobby Voorhis
2nd Frank Blade & Lacho Barradas (MI)
3rd Jim Long & Byron George
4th Glen Ingram & Robert Atkins
5th/6th Dennis Kinsey & Randy Redman
5th/6th Gary Anglin & Tony Watson
7th/8th Larry Brown & Mike Grimes
7th/8th Terry Dowell & Roger Wilhelm (IN/OH)

Bud Esterline & Don Keppel
Deb Voorhis & Ann Harrell
Rick Stocker & Jeri Ingram
Mike Koontz & Joyce Roberts
Gary Neff & Jody Berry
Mikel Johnson & Uriah Graham
Sheryl Cockerill & Connie Langolf
Tyler Lozier & Tanner Griffis
Mary Brown & Doc DeVenter
Dave Arnett & Dave Petteys
James Fletcher & Bob Reyes
Steve Auten & Glen Smith (Mi/OH)
Vicki Morgan & Chet Seybert
Dennis Stantz & Obie Pierce (OH/IN)
Jerry Siebert & James Sanchez (MI)
Jon Mauk & Dan Morgan


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