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220 S Main Bourbon IN 574-342-8100
Friday, May 2, 2008 11:04 PM
[Picture Gallery]
AB Draw - 12 Teams Open Doubles - 12 Teams

1st Tyler Lozier & Gary Anglin
2nd Larry Creakbaum & Brian Collins
3rd Chet Seybert & Dave Vorndran

Mike Grimes & Pat Riewoldt
Jane Seybert & Frank Blade
Larry Davis & James Sanchez
Ken Reed & Uriah Graham
Jimmy the Cop & Mikel Johnson
Vicki Morgan & Jim Long
Taya Keesling & Dave Arnett
Monty Wolf & Bud Esterline
Glen Ingram & Ann Harrell

1st Jim DeWitt & Robbie Collins
DeWitt & Collins

2nd Jim Long & Glen Ingram
3rd Gary Anglin & Dave Vorndran

Bill Kane & Jeff Cottrell
Deb Voorhis & Mary Brown
Dennis Stantz & Bud Esterline
Bobby Voorhis & Brian Collins
Rick Stocker & Larry Brown
Frank Blade & Mike Johnson
Obie Pierce & Vicki Morgan
Tyler Lozier & Dave Arnett
James Sanchez & Jimmy the Cop


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