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Amateur 1.5>
Doubles & Singles
Bourbon, IN 46504
September 21-22, 2007
Saturday, November 10, 2007 10:12 PM
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Bourbon, IN: The Fall 2007 Amateur Tournament at Journey's End Bar & Grill started off Friday, September 21st with an open draw partner, single elimination. The only stipulation was that the 3 "A" players, Bud Esterline, Brian Collins, and Mike Koontz, could not draw each other. The team of Ann Harrell of Bourbon and Gene Brown of Summitville took first place. Ken Reed of Etna Green and Dave Arnett of Warsaw were second. The teams of Doc DeVenter of Ft. Wayne and Bob Lang of Ohio and Glen Smith of Ohio and Tony Watson of Fairmount split 3rd/4th.

Fourteen strong teams participated in the doubles event. Coming in first were locals Kristie Redman and Uriah Graham. Uriah is about as local as he can get as he lives upstairs! Kristie made a triumphant return to tuornament shuffleboard after not having played in but a few tournaments in over three years. Welcome back Kristie!

Coming in 2nd was the pick up team of Robert Atkins of Summitville and Obie Pierce of Ft. Wayne. Placing 3rd were Tony Lozier and his son Tyler Lozier. This was Tyler's 2nd or 3rd tournament other than local draw partners and he played great! Finishing 4th were Glen Smith and Roger Wilhelm of Ohio. It seems that Roger and Glen finish in the money in either the singles or doubles every amateur tournament. See summary.

There were 24 players in the singles event. Finishing 5th/6th were Kristie Redman and Bob Lang. The youngest player, Tyler Lozier finished 4th. Roger (always in the money) Wilhelm finished third. Taking the winners bracket was Gene Brown. Then came Glen Smith. Glen who had been playing game after game while Gene watched. You can guess the outcome. 1st Glen Smith, 2nd Gene Brown. Congratulations to both players!

Here is where we usually wrap things up and give our "thank you's" for all those folks that helped with the tournament. The first person that needs thanked is Mike Koontz, of Journey's End. He started these amateur tournaments back in the Fall of 2004. That tournament was so successful that the players requested another tournament in the Spring. The fall tournament usually has 30+ players and the spring tournament has grown to 50+ players.
See summary. I think the amateurs really appreciate his efforts, moving in a 6th board and providing new sand, and putting out the quarters, just like for "the big boys".

Thanks to Brian Collilns, who not only came over to play in the Friday night draw, but came back on Saturday and did the auction. Gary Neff once again rain the bracket boards and as the newest rater in Indiana, also kept an eye out on the play.

The biggest thank you goes to the players. Rob and Deb Kern drove down from Michigan even after two grueling weekends of shuffleboard behind them, Houghton Lake and the Wandering Women's Tournament. Bob Lang, Sharon Crowder and Glen Smith, 4+ hours from Cincinnati. Roger Wilhelm and Terry Wulfrum, also from Ohio. Jon Mauk from Warsaw. Jon brought his motor home over early Friday morning so several of the players had a nice place to rest and retire for the night without having to drive.

Thanks All, see you in the Spring.
Ann Harrell

Draw Partner - 15 Teams Singles - 24 Singles Doubles - 14 Teams

1st Ann Harrell & Gene Brown
Ann Harrell & Gene Brown
2nd Ken Reed & Dave Arnett
3rd/4th Bob Lang & Doc DeVenter
3rd/4th Glen Smith & Tony Watson

Tom Wagner & Mike Grimes
Brian Collins & Sharon Crowder
Becky Martin & Derek Gross
Kristie Redman & Cathi Brandenburg
Bud Esterline & Taya Keesling
Monty Wolf & Zane Burnett
Jane Seybert & Rich Wade
Dan Morgan & Mike Koontz
Tyler Lozier & Chet Seybert
Roger Wilhelm & Uriah Graham
Jon Mauk & Sheena

1st Glen Smith
1st Glen Smith
2nd Gene Brown
3rd Roger Wilhelm
4th Tyler Lozier
5th/6th Kristie Redman
5th/6th Bob Lang

Ken Reed
Ann Harrell
Chet Seybert
Derek Gross
Robert Atkins
James Fletcher
Tony Watson
Dan Morgan
Rich Wade
Rob Kern
Jon Mauk
Obie Pierce
Taya Keesling
Larry Creakbaum
Terry Wolfrum
Dave Arnett
Uriah Graham

Mike Grimes

1st Kristie Redman & Uriah Graham
Kristie Redman & Uriah Graham
2nd Robert Atkins & Obie Pierce
3rd Tyler Lozier & Tony Lozier
Roger Wilhelm & Glen Smith

Sharon Crowder & Bob Lang
Ann Harrell & Chet Seybert
Gene Brown & Tony Watson
James Fletcher & Ken Reed
Dan Morgan & Jane Seybert
Jon Mauk & Terry Wolfrum
Rob Kern & Vicki Morgan
Rich Wade & Derek Gross
Taya Keesling & Mike Grimes
Larry Creakbaum & Dave Arnett


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