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Amateur 1.5>
Doubles & Singles
Bourbon, IN 46504
April 13-14, 2007
Saturday, November 10, 2007 10:11 PM
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Record set in Singles and Doubles
A record number of singles and doubles lined up to play at the Spring Amateur 1.5> at Journey's End on April 14th, 2007. Singles and doubles from Michigan, Ohio and Indiana participated in this event. Special thanks to our out of state guests, Rob Kern, Jessica Williams, Mike Cork, James Sanchez, Sarah Williams and The Famous Lacho Barradas for driving down from Michigan. And for driving up from Ohio, Roger Wilhelm, Glenn Smith, Bob Lang and Sharon Crowder.

When the dust settled it was determined that 54 different people played this year. Of those 54 people, 30 are unrated including Tony Watson from Fairmont, IN. New rater and master of the brackets, Gary Neff, will see that many of these players are added to the ratings for 2008 pending his final approval as a rater by the new ratings committee. To see the list of players and ratings in excel click here or in pdf click here.

Singles starts at 1:15 PM
Given the number of participants it was decided to start the singles event as soon as the sponsor sales was done. Singles play started at 1:15 pm and the sale for the doubles took place. Rules were as follows, no practice weights all day, no meeting to talk at the middle of the board until one team is at 10. No meeting at the middle of the board in the singles at all :-)

Gary Neff reports that 90 games out of the possible 120 were played before there was an open board. Then things went to hell in a hand basket. You can see from the winners list where the problem came in. Glenn Smith, Tony Watson, Nick George and Jessica Williams were finalists in the singles. They were also finalists in the doubles. Even as talented as these folks are, they couldn't play two matches at the same time. Last year the both events finished 13.5 hours after they began. This year it was 18 hours.

It was reminiscent of the tournaments at the Bourbon Legion as the doubles finished at 5AM and the singles finished at 7:30AM. Several ideas are being considered to make the next tournament go more smoothly.

Special thanks to Gary Neff for running the bracket boards. Thanks to Jody Berry for helping with registration and sale. And thanks to everyone that participated. Email me if you have suggestions for the next amateur tournament and be sure and see the summary of past Amateur tournaments 2004-2007.

Ann Harrell

Draw Partner - 20 Teams Singles - 36 Doubles - 24

1st Bob Lang (OH) & Mike Koontz
2nd Lacho Barradas (MI) & Gene Brown
3rd Nick George & Jessica Williams (MI)
4th Tony Watson & Roger Wilhelm (OH)

Mark Stevens & Monty Wolf
Tom Nolder & Dave Petteys
Brian Collins & Mike Grimes
Sarah Williams (MI) & Dan Roesler
Jon Mauk & Obie Pierce
Jackie Imus & Bud Esterline
Tyler Lozier & Pat Langston
Gary Neff & Glen Smith (OH)
Byron George & Sharon Crowder (OH)
Pat Kuhn & Joe Rose Jr.
Jere Goodman & Uriah Graham
Jody Berry & Dave Arnett
Jay King & Taya Keesling
Al Felger & Terry Holiday
Larry Huffer & Simi
Doc DeVenter & Jim Hamilton

1st Glen Smith (OH)
2nd Tony Watson
3rd Nick George
4th Jessica Williams (MI)
5th/6th Roger Wilhelm (OH)
5th/6th Bob Lang (OH)

Lacho Barradas (MI)
James Sanchez (MI)
Doc Deventor
Obie Pierce
Byron George
Jere Goodman
Monty Wolf
Ken Reed
Jackie Imus
Chris Taylor
Taya Keesling
Joyce Roberts
Tyler Lozier
Dave Petteys
Mike Grimes
Gene Brown
James Fletcher
Brenda Miller
Jack Hamilton
Rob Kern (MI)
Jeri Ingram
Robert Atkins
Dave Arnett
Ann Harrell
Jay King
Mike Cork (MI)
Sarah Williams (MI)
Eric Keenan
Uriah Graham
Al Felger

1st Tony Watson & Glen Smith
2nd Jessica Williams & Mike Cork
3rd Nick George & Byron George
4th Dave Arnett & Dave Petteys
5th/6th Ann Harrell & Jay King
5th/6th Jon Mauk & Mike Grimes

James Sanchez & Lacho Barradas
Al Felger & Pat Langston
Ernie Lawson & Glenda Dincoff
Doc Deventer & Obie Pierce
Dan Roesler & Terry Holiday
Jere Goodman & Monty Wolf
Bud & Carla Shelton
Erik Keenan & Ken Reed
Jackie Imus & Chris Taylor
Taya Keesling & Joyce Roberts
Sharon Crowder & Bob Lang
Simi & Gene Brown
Brenda Miller & James Fletcher
AJ Westerman & Jeff Palazzolo
Jack Hamilton & Rob Kern
Vickie Morgan & Uriah Graham
Robert Atkins & Jeri Ingram
Roger Wilhelm & Tyler Lozier

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