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The Palace Fairmount, IN
Open Doubles - Fairmount, IN
October 20, 2007
Picture Gallery

Rick Stocker & Brian Collins
Glen Ingram & Jim Long
Gene Brown & Obie Pierce
Jeri Ingram & Vicki Morgan
Ricky Royal & Taya Keesling
Scott Smith & Jim Hamilton
Danny & Tony Watson (Brothers)
Nick & Byron George (Father/Son)
Ron Sherwood & Doc DevVenter
Mary Brown & Terry Dowell
Mike Grimes & Carol Westerman
Robbie Collins & Dave Vorndran
Debbie Voorhis & Ray Miller
16 Teams
1st Tom & Greg Massie (Brothers)
Tom & Greg Massie

2nd Tyler Lozier(Unrated)& Ken Reed
Tyler Lozier & Ken Reed

3rd Bobby Voorhis & Larry Brown
Bobby Voorhis & Larry Brown

4th Byron & Nick George (Father/Son)
Byron & Nick George

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