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The Palace Fairmount, IN
Pro/AM - Fairmount,IN
March 15th, 2008
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Sunday, March 23, 2008 12:28 PM
Bobby and Debbie Voorhis hosted 18 teams in a Pro/Am (Add to 1) on this, the ides of March. Brian Collins did most of the sponsor sale with Steve Hart taking a brief turn to help. It was good to see Steve out and about despite his illness. Oh and I almost forgot. They pulled the fake auction trick and Ernie and Glenda Dincoff. It was enjoyed by everyone... except them :-)

After a small glitch (not enough peas in the jug) the tournament got started. The bar provided a huge pot of meat balls and another huge pot of spicey wienies for all the patrons. Thanks Bob and Deb!

An extra added diversion for the afternoon was Bourbonites Mike Koontz, Ann Harrell, Gary Neff, Gary Anglin and Tyler Lozier being able to watch their high school alma mater win the semi-state 1A basket ball game to advance to the state finals. (The game was not on TV up north)
18 Teams  
1st Gene Brown & Bobby Voorhis

3rd Todd Brewer & Dave Vorndran

Robert Atkins & Ron Sherwood
Tony Watson & Jim Hamilton
Deb Voorhis & Mary Brown
Steve Hart & Larry Creakbaum
Gene Darnell & Brian Hall
Gary Anglin & Gary Neff
Bud Shelton & Carla Kerrigan
2nd Mike Koontz & Tyler Lozier

4th Byron & Nick George

Jim Long & Dennis Stantz
Ernie & Glenda Dincoff
Larry Brown & Obie Pierce
Rick Stocker & Tony Skinner
Dave Boaz & Dan Morgan
Danny Watson & Butch Thomas
Brian Collins & Taya Keesling


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