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Bourbon/Etna Green Indiana
League Banquet and A/B Blind Draw
Bourbon, Indiana

May 10, 2008

Saturday, May 10, 2008 8:08 PM

2004 - 2005 - 2006 - 2007 - 2008
10 Teams

Bourbon, IN: The Bourbon Legion played host to the annual A/B draw tournament and banquet once again this year. Lunch was served including chicken, ham, scalloped potatoes, potatoe salad, macaroni salad, green beans and cake. There was more than enough food for people to snack through out the day and into the evening. Thanks to Robbin Creighbaum, Mary Houser, Lori Zimmerman for preparing the food.

After lunch we began the blind draw which is always interesting. One A player is drawn and then one B player is drawn and they are auctioned off. Without a list for the bidders to follow anything can happen in a blind draw and auction.

The sponsor sale paid to 3 places but the "left over" league money paid to 6 places and also paid for the food.

1st Bud Broka & Bob Reyes
2nd Monty Wolf & Scott Haverstock
3rd Ken Reed & Clint Vining
4th Bud Esterline & Ed Stachulak
5th/6th Robbin Creighbaum & Keith Spencer
5th/6th Dennis Creighbaum & Jackie Imus

Gary Anglin & Brenda Miller
Sheather Wolf & Ann Harrell
Ted Music & Gary Neff
Don Chapman & Ann Weirick

1st Bud Broka & Bob Reyes

2nd Monty Wolf & Scott Haverstock

Note: I attribute the low turn out to the tournament being held in May and it happened to be a nice day. Let's try to leave a weekend in April open for the banquet next year.


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