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120 S Main Summitville, IN
3 Person Bring Add to 2>
Sunday May 21, 2006 3:39 PM

The format was best 2/3 in winners bracket and one game to 21 in losers bracket. The team of Massie, Stocker and SS won the first match of the finals 2/3 and the 2nd match also went 2/3 with Mary Brown, Larry Brown and Jody Berry prevailing in the end to take first place.

Larry Brown, Mary Brown, Jody Berry
2nd Tom Massie, Rick Stocker, SS
3rd Jim Hamilton, Keith Webb, Danny Watson

Sheryl Cockerill, Jimmy Upchurch, Robbie Collins
Glen Ingram, Dennis Stantz, Jesse Lainhart
Brian Collins, Gary Neff, Steve Simison
Jim Long, MK, Terry Wolfrum
Mike Gilman, Blaine Yeagy, DS
Theresa Taylor, Jeri Ingram, Ann Harrell
Tony Watson, MG, Byron George

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