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May 5th-7th, 2006
Bourbon Legion - DBL-S
American Legion #424
Bourbon, IN
Sunday May 7, 2006 10:25 PM

Friday, Draw Partner Open Doubles - 19 Teams Open Singles - 15
Darw Partner #1 - 17 Teams

1st/2nd Leon Black & Gary Anglin
1st/2nd Dave Boaz & Mike Johnson

3rd/4th Bud Esterline & Bill Niswonger

3rd/4th Vickie Morgan & Brian Collins

Jerry Knox & Rich Wade
Ken Reed & Terry Dowell
Jim Long & Taya Keesling
Dennis Stantz & Larry Creakbaum
Pam Dowell & Glen Ingram
Roland Harkless & Don Parkhurst
Rick Stocker & Ray Miller
Claude Johnson & Bud Broka
Ann Harrell & Garry Gregory
Terry Wolfrum & Mike Grimes
Larry Brown & Wally Dan
Jerry Siebert & Jimmy the Cop
Richard Reist & Dennis Creighbaum

Draw Partner #2 - 9 Teams

1st Gary Anglin & Terry Wolfrum

Dennis Stantz & Brian Collins
Pam Dowell & Roland Harkless
Jimmy the Cop & Jim Long
Uriah Graham & Terry Dowell
Jerry Knox & Wally Dan
Larry Creakbaum & Mike Johnson
Taya Keesling & Leon Black
Bill Niswonger & Mike Grimes
1st Gary Anglin & Dave Vondran

2nd Jody Berry & Sheryl Cockerill

3rd Rick Stocker & Dave Boaz

4th Jason Papa (MI) & Steve Auten (MI)

Alonzo Cottrell (MI) & Jerry Hershman (MI)
Jim Long & Glen Ingram
Terry Wolfrum (OH) & Terry Sidle (OH)
Claude Johnson & Mike Johnson
Randy Redman & Dennis Kinsey
Wally Dan & Bill Niswonger
Jerry Siebert (MI) & Dennis Stantz (OH)
Ray Miller & Jerry Knox
Bud Broka & Dennis Creighbaum
Taya Keesling & Pam Dowell
Larry & Mary Brown
Mike Koontz & Terry Dowell
Roland Harkless (MI) & Don Parkhurst (MI)
Gary Neff & Brian Collins
Richard Reist (MI) & Larry Creakbaum

1st Terry Dowell w/Gary Anglin

Gary Anglin w/2nd Glen Ingram

3rd Brian Collins

Gary Anglin
Rick Stocker
Jim Long
Dave Boaz

Bud Esterline
Dennis Bittner (MI)
Ann Harrell
Doc Deventer
Larry Brown
Pam Dowell
Gary Neff
Mike Johnson


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