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March 18, 2006
Bourbon/Etna Green Indiana
League Banquet and A/B Blind Draw
Bourbon, Indiana

Saturday March 18, 2006 11:16 PM
14 Teams

Bourbon, IN: The Bourbon Legion played host to the annual A/B draw tournament and banquet once again this year. Lunch was served including party subs from Subway, scalloped potatoes, baked beans, cookies, ham salad sandwiched and a veggie tray. There was more than enough food for people to snack through out the day and into the evening.

After lunch we began the blind draw which is always interesting. One A player is drawn and then one B player is drawn and they are auctioned off. Without a list for the bidders to follow anything can go in a blind draw and auction. The higest selling team was two and out and the two next highest placed 5th/6th and 7th/8th!

As sometimes happens at these events there was a bit of confusion about who was playing and who just came for dinner. When it was discovered that Jere Goodman's partner had left, he was given the option to walk the board and placed 5th/6th!

Placing first were Ken Reed from Bourbon with partner Jim Fletcher from Etna Green. Ken and Jim double dipped Bud Broka and his partner for the day, Jackie Imus to take first place. Robbin Creighbaum and Bud Esterline placed third with Jim Hartung and Mark Roahrig taking fourth.

The sponsor sale paid to 4 places but the "left over" league money paid to 8 places and also paid for the food.

Thanks to the league sponsors:

Journey's End Bar & Grill sponsored 3 teams.
The Etna Pub also sponosred 3 teams and the
Legion Son's sponsored 2 teams.

Heads up people!! Let's get organized next year! We could have had at least two more teams if we had been prepared. It's not like league really should sneak up on us every year, but it sure seems like it does!


By Ann Harrell



1st Ken Reed & Jim Fletcher

2nd Bud Broka & Jackie Imus

3rd Robbin Creighbaum & Bud Esterline

4th Jim Hartung & Mark Roahrig

5th/6th Jere Goodman
5th/6th Gary Neff & Dennis Perrin
7th/8th Gary Anglin & Ann Harrell
7th/8th Steve Slough & Lisa Riewalt

Robbe Stouder & Brenda Miller
Dennis Creighbaum & Diane Kern
Dennis Kinsey & Joyce Roberts
Elen Elliott & Don Chapman
Monty Wolfe & Pam Dowell
Uriah Graham & Keith Spencer

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