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Amateur 1.5>
Doubles & Singles
Bourbon, IN 46504
September 15-16, 2006
Friday, September 28, 2007 9:20 PM
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1st Draw Partner - Jay King & Jim LongTHANKS TO "A" PLAYERS - DRAW PARTNER RESULTS
Special thanks to all the "A" players that turned out to play in the Open Draw with the Amateurs.

Larry and Mary Brown, Bud Esterline and Jim Long all drove 40-60 miles to join us for the double elimination draw partner. While the number of teams is down from the spring tournament (16) several people (myself included, on purpose this time) opted out to rest up for the main event on Saturday.

As you might expect, the amateurs that drew the A players finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd.Placing third were the team of Bob Lang from Ohio and Bud Esterline from Ft. Wayne. Finishing 2nd were Larry Brown of Ft. Wayne and Tony Watson of Fairmount. Finishing top of the heap were Jay King from Bourbon/Etna Green and Jim Long of South Bend. See Picture Gallery for more.

Gene Brown and Steve "Simy" Simison played great to take the amateur doubles. Not only are they not 1.5>, they are (currently) unrated! Both Summitville players shot super and their only loss was the first game in the finals to the team of Jeri Ingram and Robert Atkins.

Finishing 2nd and taking the finals to the second game were Jeri Ingram and Robert Atkins, also from Summitville. Placing third were the local team of Uriah Graham (Bourbon/Etna Green) and Bill Niswonger formerly of Bourbon and now residing in Plymouth

Additional thanks to the 1.5< players that showed up to bid on the amateurs.
See Picture Gallery for more.

Tony Watson of Fairmont repeats as the amateur singles winner. Placing first at the Spring Amateur 1.5> brought Tony back to Bourbon in the fall to win the hefty prize money.

Tony was defeated only once, by 2nd place finisher Keith Spencer of Bourbon. Free hand Keith and hard throwing Tony put on a heck of a show in the final two games with Tony prevailing to take the top prize.

Placing thrid was Roger Wilhelm of Ohio and taking fourth place was local Jay King from Bourbon/Etna Green.

See Picture Gallery for more.

Draw Partner - 12 Teams Singles - 25 Doubles - 13 Teams

1st Jim Long & Jay King
2nd Tony Watson & Larry Brown
3rd Bob Lang (OH) & Bud Esterline

Roger Wilhelm (OH) & Jeri Ingram
Glenn Smith (OH) & Obie Pierce*
Monty Wolf & Dan Morgan*
Steve Simison & Sharon Crowder (OH)
Chet Seybert & Mary Brown
Dave Nifong & Bill Niswonger
Patrick McCarty* & Teresa Taylor
Dave Arnett & Doc Deventer
Tracy Mack* & Gene Brown

(OH) Ohio Players
*First Time at Journey's End

1st Tony Watson
2nd Keith Spencer
3rd Roger Wilhelm
4th Jay King

Glenn Smith
Monty Wolf
Bob Reyes
Bob Lang
Dan Morgan
Ken Reed
Gene Brown
Shelly Skinner
Robert Atkins
Teresa Taylor
Ann Harrell
Obie Pierce
Ron Merill
Mike Grimes
Chet Seybert
Uriah Graham
Bill Niswonger
Tracy Mack
Terry Wolfrum
Doc Deventer
Jeri Ingram

1st Gene Brown & Steve Simison
2nd Jeri Ingram & Robert Atkins
3rd Bill NIswonger & Uriah Graham

Roger Wilhelm & Glenn Smith
Ann Harrell & Jay King
Tracy Mack & Teresa Taylor
Vicki Morgan & Mike Grimes
Ken Reed & Shelly Skinner
Doc Deventer & Terry Wolfrum
Tony Watson & Chet Seybert
Obie Pierce & Dan Morgan

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