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Indiana Pre-State Open Doubles & Singles

Bourbon, IN 46504 November 18-19, 2006
Saturday, December 16, 2006 7:30 AM
Saturday, Open Doubles - 9 Teams
Sunday, Open Singles - 12

1st Glen Ingram & Jim Long

2nd Greg Massie &
Tom Massie

Mike Koontz & Dennis Kinsey
Keith Spencer & Vicki Morgan
Brian Collins & Gary Neff
Bud Esterline & Obie Pierce
Dave Arnett & Ann Harrell
Larry Brown & Terry Dowell
Uriah Graham & Ken Reed

Sponsor Skip Jackson with Greg Massie

3rd Mike Koontz, 1st Jim Long, 2nd Dennis Kinsey

Others: Ann Harrell, Sheryl Cockerill, Glen Ingram, Obie Pierce, Brian Collins, Uriah Graham, Kristie Redman, Ron Merrill, Gary Anglin

In 20+ years of playing as partners, Koontz & Kinsey have never before played against each other in a singles event.

Indiana HOF Skip Jackson & Indiana HOF Larry Brown

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